Thursday 4 February 2021

10 reasons why my girl can't do her school work!

 My youngest is getting better at doing her school work, I just have to keep nagging and asking if she should be writing something. She would quite happily just sit there and listen to her Zoom lessons instead of taking notes and writing down her workings out. I'd like to think it's just at home she does this but I am 99% positive she needs a lot of encouragement at school too.

Over the last few weeks she has came up with many reasons to get out of her school work or to take a break. She has never got out of doing her school work, I won't allow that. It's something which needs doing and thankfully she is starting to realise this now.

Youngest home learning

Here are some of the reasons she has given why she can't do her school work:

She was hungry.
One day she was late in getting out of bed. Her own fault, she just didn't want to move. She wasn't late for her Zoom class but she didn't have time for breakfast before the Zoom call and made such a drama about being starving! It's funny if she had to leave the house to go to school I would have to force her to eat. I of course served her toast while she was on the laptop.

She didn't have a certain exercise book.
We did collect some of Ellie's exercise books from school but not all of them. She said she couldn't do some maths work because she didn't have her maths book. It was OK I had a notebook ready for her to use.

She needed the toilet.
This was in the middle of a Zoom lesson. I felt like such a teacher telling her she really should have gone before the lesson.

She said she didn't know how to do the work.
For English she had said she didn't have a clue what the teacher was talking about. I was sure she must have done something about it before and she said no. I checked through her exercise book and before Christmas she had! It suddenly all came back to her.

Her laptop needed an update.
So of course she said to me that she would have to leave the Zoom lesson to update it. I told her it would be OK to wait until after the call had finished.

She said she didn't have a lesson.
One day she said she hadn't got an email for a Zoom lesson. She had the sneaky so and so had been on her emails and deleted that email. I went onto her emails and found the email in the "deleted" folder. Grr!

Becky was playing Fortnite.
It wasn't fair that her sister could play Fortnite and she had to do school work. I said in a few years you can play Fortnite when you have days off from college. Of course Becky was winding her up so she got moved into the dining room. hehehe

She had no coloured pencils.
Ellie had some artwork to do and said she had no coloured pencils. There was no way that was possible. She got an art set for Christmas with at least 50 coloured pencils. Of course I went and found them and then she complained they needed sharpening, of course they did! It's a good job I had a pencil sharpener in my make up bag. (For my eyeliner).

She didn't know the password.
She said she couldn't log onto a certain website to do some work that was set because she didn't know how to. She said the password she knew wasn't working. It's a good job the teacher had previously emailed reminding the parents of how to log into the websites being used. I got her in there in about 30 seconds. hehehe

It's too noisy!
It's not but anyone speaking, the TV or music being on, Becky breathing, me sneezing, next door doing DIY and Stu on the phone in the dining room. Any noise seems to stop her working and distract her.

How are you getting on with the home learning?


  1. Ha ha! My daughter tries to get out of her PE lessons, which is usually a fitness video, by claiming that none of her friends have to do it. In fact that's her response to anything she doesn't want to do. Luckily I'm in touch with some of her friends parents and can offer to text them and check!

  2. Haha, my partner is a teacher and he has all sorts of excuses from students! a lot around not having a microphone so not being able to talk in the lessons.

    Corinne x

  3. This genuinely made me laugh! I'm lucky it's only my youngest has to do it and he's always wanted to be home schooled lol! Thank goodness my other 2 have left school, I never would have got them to do work x

  4. Oh I can so relate x 3! I thought my son was doing all his work. I sit next to him and see his class on Teams. He has his headphones on and I can hear his teacher. Then I find a whole load of work that he's supposed to have submitted and he hasn't. And when I go through it with him he doesn't have a clue what it's he's obviously not listening to the teacher...arrrgh! The girls have given me all of these reasons..yes, I've even found deleted e-mails too. This home schooling sounds good, but it's a right royal pain for so many parents. At least we know we are not alone xx

  5. My eldest is similar luckily he gets to go to school because of his additional needs X

  6. Haha! This did make me smile. Jayden has tried a few of these too! Most of the time he will get on with it but we do have days where a sloth has more motivation! xx

  7. this post was a great way to start the week - you had me smiling and laughing! #MMBC

  8. Homeschooling is really hard work for everybody! I don't think think that sitting in front of a screen all day is good for concentration - everybody switches off after about 20 minutes! Some of our teachers are now dropping online lessons and giving exercises to send in instead - so much easier!