Thursday 24 June 2021

10 Ways that we all mess up as parents.

 There is no such thing as a perfect parent. As much as we would like to be one it just doesn't happen. We all mess up at parenting sometimes and it's normal. We learn from our mistakes and our children forgive us. That's the way it goes.

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These are some of the ways we mess up as a parent!

We will shout and lose our temper!
I remember being pregnant with my eldest saying I would never lose my temper and shout but it's happened hundreds of times. Sometimes kids just know how to push our buttons and as much as we know we shouldn't shout, we do and then we inevitably feel bad about it.

You will send them to school in uniform when it’s non-uniform day or dress up day!
I am so guilty of this especially when my girls were little and I missed the letter from school about it. We would be walking to school and start seeing people in non-uniform and think nothing of it but the closer we got to school I would get that sinking feeling knowing it would be too late to go back home and get changed.

You will forget to be the tooth fairy!
I have done this more than once and then had to come up with an excuse as to why the tooth fairy did not take the tooth and leave a pound. She's been on holiday, she had the flu and the bedroom was too messy and she couldn't get in. hehehe. It was a good way to get Ellie to tidy her bedroom though.

You will be late to pick them up from school at least once!
It happens. I think I was late to pick my girls up a couple of times when I used to do the school run. I have no excuse it was just because I lost track of the time. I would find them sat outside of the school office and would feel the shame when the receptionist would give me that look.

You make empty threats!
We've all done it. Said things like if you don't stop being naughty or we're not going to go on that fun day out, the same day you have been planning for months which you are obviously going on or if you don't stop arguing with your sister you won't get any birthday presents. I would never follow through with a lot of the threats and it does get to a point where the kids learn this.

You will forget about school photo day at least once!
You will forget and of course it would be the one day that you are running late, the kids have crumpled uniforms and hair like a scarecrow. Even when they bring the copies of the photo home you still have to buy it because you would feel guilty not to.

You will throw away something that they ask for later!
A scribble on a piece of paper which was a special drawing for granny or a piece of random plastic that is crucial part of a toy. Of course we will feel guilty but then lie and say we have no idea where the missing item went. lol

You will not believe they are ill!
There will be at least one time where your kid will say they are poorly but you will still send them to school. Soon after you will get a phone call asking to pick them up as they have a temperature or even worse, have been sick. The kids will take great pleasure in saying I told you so.

You will struggle to help with homework!
It only gets harder the older they get too. Algebra and fractions are my weakness. Sometimes Google will help but when it doesn't I feel useless. I totally blame it's the way maths is taught now. They have changed it since I was at school.

You can't do anything right when they are teenagers!
Breathing too loudly, being too cheerful, asking too many questions or not enough and they think you don't care. I really feel that sometimes there is no pleasing a teenager.

Let me know how you have messed up as a parent!


  1. Yep, I have done most of these. I always said I wouldn't shout too but by god, I have turned into a right big gob since having kids, hehe.
    We are all only human after all. It's all a learning curve isn't it?! :) x

  2. I think I have done all except teenage one as that is yet to come, can't wait lol x #mmbc