Saturday 19 June 2021

Week 24 of #Project365. 12th - 18th June. A photo every day for a year!

I'm glad it's the weekend and as of writing this I am glad of the rain. So much for the thunder storms we were forecast, they haven't appeared yet. Becky's girlfriend is here for the weekend so it should be a fun one. We don't have any plans apart from watching TV and relaxing.

We have had an OK week. It's wasn't the worst and there was a few good moments. I finally got a new sim card for my new phone and my number transferred over. I love it. It makes me old phone seem really old. The football has been keeping me amused and I have watched most of every match so far. 

Now for a photo every day!

Hand sanitiser and the football on the TV
Pastries and a cuppa and my eldest on a zip wire
A bee
Apple and candyfloss ice cream and a blue flower

163/365 - 12th June
I was sent some hand sanitiser which is aimed at children to try out. We really like it and it smells so good too.

164/365 - 13th June
Football and England's first match and we won, hooray!

165/365 - 14th June
Coffee and pastries for breakfast. I could eat these every day but they are once in a blue moon treat.

166/365 - 15th June
We were walking through the park and for the first time ever it was empty so Becky took the opportunity to have a go on the zip wire. She loved it and I was tempted to have a go too but didn't dare in case I was too heavy, it is aimed at kids after all.

167/365 - 16th June
I was chasing this bee around the garden trying to get a photo. I managed it eventually. 

168/365 - 17th June
Apple and Candyfloss ice cream from Morrisons. It tastes so good.

169/365 - 18th June
My garden is coming to life and every day I am spotting new flowers.

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  1. We have some new flowers appearing in our garden at the moment, so lovely to see. x

  2. Apple and candyfloss ice cream flavour sounds interesting! I love pastries too - especially mini ones. I could demolish a lot of those

  3. I have been trying to capture a bee photo this summer too and so far they are eluding me. That ice cream looks delicious.

  4. Lovely moaIac and an amazing bee shot too! #MMBC

  5. That bee shot is beautiful Kim, I've got my new phone set up now too. #365

  6. Lovely photo of the bee. We have been watching the football here as well although the Scotland game did not go down well with the husband!

  7. Love coffee and pastries for breakfast. I have to admit I’ve not really been following the football although my husband has watched a couple of the matches. Beautiful photo of the bee and how lovely to be spotting new flowers in the garden every day. Love the look of the apple and candyfloss ice cream. #project365

  8. The unbearable heat followed by the rain and now summer appears to have gone! Ice cream flavour combination sounds interesting. I kept meaning to watch the footie and forgot each time! #project365

  9. I am still waiting for the promised thunderstorms to arrive too - nothing here either. We have that hand sanitiser and the kids use it for school

  10. That ice cream sounds good. You should have gone on the zip wire. I have visions of you running around the garden now trying to get a photo of the bee lol #365