Wednesday 2 June 2021

(Ad - Gifted) Things to make with Haribo for Father's Day!

We all love Haribo right? I know I do and my family certainly does. Father's day is coming up and a great treat for any dad would be HARIBO!

A family favourite for over 25 years Starmix which now has real fruit juice is a great mix of iconic fruit and cola gummy sweets and features the ever popular Bears, Rings, Fried Eggs, Heart Throbs and Cola Bottles. The Starmix gift box will certainly deliver a moment of childlike happiness for Dad.

The bags of the Football Mix which are fruit flavoured foam & jelly sweets in the shape of footballs, shirts, trophies & football boots you’ll be sure to score with this pocket money gesture for all those footy fans out there. 


Both products are stocked in Heron Foods, B&M, Sainsbury’s, Spar, the Co-op and other places you would expect to find them.

Haribo is good for eating just as it is but it is also good for decorating cakes or using in other ways and I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the things you can make with HARIBO for our dad's and those important men in our lives.

Chocolate bark

This is meant for Easter but could be decorated with any HARIBO sweets. It's good for any time of the year and doesn't have to be limited to Easter!

Haribo ice lollies

I am hoping for some sunshine sometime soon and there is nothing better on a warm day than an ice lolly. A few years ago we made our own using lemonade and HARIBO.

This fun anti-gravity cake topped with HARIBO Starmix sweets is easy to make and is sure to wow everyone who sees it!

A four-layer vanilla PiƱata cake frosted with strawberry flavoured buttercream and a surprise centre filled with Haribo Starmix sweets.

Gummy bear cookies

Do any of these take your fancy?

I was sent a selection of Haribo free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. ooh Haribo bark what a great idea. We have my husband's birthday, our wedding anniversary as well as Father's day this month so loving this find.

  2. We love Haribo in our house too! I love the ice lollies, definitely going to give these a try, especially now the weather is warming up too! x