Tuesday 1 June 2021

What I loved in May 2021.

I know I was a few days late writing the What I loved in April blog post but May seemed extra short. I laughed at Ellie making lists and plans for her birthday but when I think about it August isn't that far away! Eek!

May has been a tough month to find things to love. The weather hasn't been great and life has been pretty average and I have been worrying about my great Aunt. She's still in hospital, it's just a matter of time. 

A heart card in an envelope

Grey's Anatomy. (still)
I started watching Grey's Anatomy at the end of April and I'm now 13 series into it and it's still amazing. There has been a few annoying storylines but on the whole I am still loving it. I've laughed, cried and have been shocked plenty of times. All the surgical interns are now proper surgeons and they've grown up so much. Many of the originals have left but one of my favourites is still in it and I am warming to one of the characters that I really hated when he joined.

The Wii.
Every time I ever think about throwing the Wii out the kids decide they want to play on it or I do. lol For a long time we hadn't used it because a part or wire was missing but Stu found it and we're off again, obsessed with it. The Just Dance games are still my favourites and the Tennis on the Wii Sports game.

The Wii with Wii Sports on.

Having visitors.
With the Covid restriction's being relaxed we have had a few visitors. My dad, his partner, Ellie's best friend and Becky's girlfriend. It was so strange having people in the house again. (They were all here at different times, not all at once) but nice. It feels like life is just about back to normal for us. Becky's girlfriend has been to sleep over a couple of times and it has been lovely for them to spend some time together. They have been brilliant over the last year, sticking to the rules and social distancing and now they are enjoying seeing each other when ever and where ever they want.

The Friends Reunion.
I never got into watching Friends until after it had ended but since then I have seen every episode numerous times. Over the last few years the girls have got into it too and we were all excited to watch The Friends Reunion! It was brilliant. I laughed and I cried but could have done without James Corden. I would still love one more proper episode though.

More vaccines.
My dad, his partner and my fella Stu have all had their 2nd vaccines and it feels such a relief. I am still waiting for the doctors to get in touch with me for my 2nd vaccine but it shouldn't be long. I was two weeks after Stu in getting my first one so it could be any day now.

Getting out when we can.
The weather has been rubbish for the past few weeks. I was starting to think if the rain would ever stop so we have had to make the most of getting outside whenever we could. Having half an hour in the garden between downpours or rushing to my dad's between showers. We have managed to go for a few walks and bike rides and Ellie has been to the park a few times and wanders with her friends. Thankfully the weather seems to have turned now and we've got plenty of sunshine.

What did you love in May?


  1. I used to love playing our Wii! I kicked butt in a few of the sports and definitely at Just Dance! I took dance lessons when I was in high school so many of the moves were familiar to me.

  2. I used to love my wii that takes me back x #mmbc

  3. We dug our Wii out the other day too! I love playing tennis hehe.
    Glad to hear that Stu and your dad have had both of their jabs, yours shouldn't be too long now. I think mine is about 3 weeks away.
    Have a lovely weekend. xx