Friday 18 June 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: OK. #WotW

 This week my Word of the Week is:


It has been a strange week. There has been sadness but lots of good moments too. I could have easily used the word angry but I don't want to be a negative nancy as I haven't been angry all week. I have decided to go with the word OK. It hasn't been the greatest of weeks but I suppose it could have been worse.

My dad rang on Friday morning with the news my Great Aunt had passed away late Thursday evening. She'd been in hospital for a while and although it was expected but it was like a kick to the stomach. I spent the day crying at the littlest things. I also wrote about some of my memories of my Aunty Jean. I'm OK. I am angry that Covid stopped us being able to see her over the last 15 months but I keep telling myself she had a great life and it was an honour to have her in my life.

I had planned to have a lie in on Saturday morning but someone locally had other ideas and started doing DIY at half 7. I was fuming! I know some people work through the week and only have the weekend to do jobs around the house but this person could have had a little respect and started their DIY an hour or so later. Grr! I think if it had been any other weekend I wouldn't have been too fussed but after a tiring day before and then the worry of getting my 2nd Covid vaccine later on Saturday I just wanted sleep.

I had my 2nd vaccine just after midday on Saturday and was preparing myself to feel rough like after the 1st vaccine but it didn't happen. I didn't feel hot and cold but did feel a tiny bit achy and tired. On Sunday I just felt tired and that was it. I am now fully vaccinated.

When I got my new phone I rang O2 to get a replacement sim card. My old phone had a big sim card in and I needed a smaller one, they said they would send one out but they didn't. Grr! When I was in town last week I got one from the local O2 store. They couldn't transfer my number in the shop because I had no photo ID but had to ring up instead. It actually makes no sense to me. I can't see the difference talking to someone in the shop to talking to someone on the phone. Anyway on Monday I rang O2 to get my number transferred to my new sim. I spoke to a lovely man who had everything sorted quickly. In fact I was on hold waiting to speak to someone longer than I was actually speaking to someone. He said it could take up to 24 hours but my number was transferred in 2. I am so glad that I don't have to keep carrying 2 phones around and now Stu has my old phone. His old one had a cracked screen and all he uses a mobile for is to phone and text so my old one is OK for him.

Becky had a great weekend at her girlfriends. I was worried that last Friday she would feel the side effects from having her vaccine but she had an early night on the Thursday and was absolutely fine on Friday morning apart from the sore arm. We had an extra visit during the week from Becky's girlfriend. It was her birthday and wanted to spend a few hours with Becky. They didn't do anything special, just sat in the garden and enjoyed spending time together.

I have been enjoying watching Euro 2020. I have seen every match including the Denmark one on Saturday when Christian Eriksen collapsed. It was shocking, I cried. I think most of the world was watching expecting the worst but we breathed a sigh of relief when the news came that he was OK. It is horrible to think that if his collapse happened anywhere else the help he needed might not have got to him in time. The players on the pitch and medical staff were amazing.

Ellie is OK despite being sick at school a few times on Wednesday. Ellie said she had told teachers that she had a migraine and had been to the office a couple of times but they just told her to drink water and weren't going to send her home. I only found found out at just before the end of the school day when her friend messaged me. I went and met her from school and she was fine. She had a migraine in the morning, was sick a couple of times before lunch, didn't eat lunch and was sick again. She ate tea and I made sure she drank plenty of water. I was tempted to keep her off school yesterday, in the days before Coronavirus if a child was sick they had to stay away from school for at least 24 hours. I feel that the school wants to keep their numbers up and keep kids in as much as they can. Ellie didn't want to stay off school which is of course a good thing. She really loves school now which is so different from a few years ago.

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  1. Sometimes ok is good enough. I am sorry to hear about your great aunt though. I haven't read your post yet, but I will do. I'm glad you haven't had any bad side effects from your vaccinations, and that Ellie recovered from her sickness. I know what you mean about them wanting them in school whatever, I called last week to say Boo was sick and they said to send her in and she could sit in medical room!! I said no, she looked like death warmed up, I couldn't send her to school like that.
    I hope this week is better than ok xx

  2. I just hate when I want to sleep in and some outside force stops me from doing so; I rarely let myself sleep in as it is.

  3. Sending you lots of love and big hugs Kim. I’m so sorry that Covid robbed you of time with your great-aunt in the last months of her life. I think 7.30am on a Saturday is too early to be doing DIY and is inconsiderate so I would have been angry too. I’m glad you’ve had your second vaccine and the side effects were minimal. Poor Ellie having a migraine at school – hope she is feeling much better now. Hope next week will be a kinder week for you all x #WotW

  4. Sorry to hear about your great aunt (I think I saw something on twitter that you posted) Why did they not send Ellie home?! I would be fuming! I'm sure Ethan gets migraines but he can't tell us. What is it with people and DIY our new neighbours left their work till late at nights on the weekends! I hope you have a better week next week #WotW

  5. I am sorry to read about your aunt, sending hugs. We've had people chopping trees down at 7am on a Sunday before now.. Would have thought the school should've sent Ellie home? Glad she's feeling better now. Karen Early Rising Mum