Saturday 5 June 2021

Week 22 of #Project365. 29th May - 4th June. A photo every day for a year!

We have had a good week, a really good week. It's been half term, the sun has been shining and the kids have been having fun. It feels like summer is almost here and I am ready for it. I am happier when the sun is shining.

We don't have much planned for the weekend. TV, computer time and lots of yummy food.

Now for a photo every day!

Wii Bowling on the TV.
Watering can & my fella cutting the lawn
Fake blue nails
A Pinata cake being made
New phone and me.

149/365 - 29th May
More playing on the Wii. This time the bowling. I am rubbish at it. The kids always beat me.

150/365 - 30th May
After a few weeks of not having to water the plants I had to get the watering can back out to water them.

151/365 - 31st May
I didn't think the grass needed cutting until Stu started cutting it. It looked so much better when it was done.

152/365 - 1st June
Ellie got it into her head that she wanted fake nails so I got some from Primark, they were only £1 so didn't break the bank. She loved them for the first few hours and after one had fell off during the night, then another she took them all off. I'm glad I only paid £1.

153/365 - 2nd June
We made a Pinata cake. It was a lot easier to make than I thought it would be. It was just a packet mix one that we got from Home Bargains but it tasted so good.

154/365 - 3rd June
I got a new phone. It is a very early birthday present. I love it so far but haven't used it as a phone yet as I am waiting for O2 to send me a new sim card. The huge one in my old phone doesn't fit. Hmmf.

155/365 - 4th June
I have been faffing around with the camera on my new phone and realised the front camera on my new phone is almost as good as the main camera on my old phone.

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  1. I never think the grass needs cutting until my husband or son start cutting it and then I always think it looks so much better.

  2. I'm the same with our grass, but my FIL is obsessed with cutting the lawns here. Loving the pinata cake - they're a lot of fun. I might try one for N's next birthday.

  3. I always enjoy reading your daily photos post - it's fun to catch up with your family. #MMBC

  4. Shame about the nails but good they were so cheap. I need to upgrade my phone especially as I've seen the camera on my OH iPhone 12 now! #365

  5. My grass needs doing! Glad the nails were so cheap if she didn't keep them on for long!

    The cake looks amazing!

  6. I've never had false nails as I've always worried about the damage they do to the real ones. I hate trying to find a new phone and working out the technical detail but always love it when it's done! #project365

  7. Love the pinata cake and those nails looks good for only £1. Hope you've got your new phone up and running now. It's so nice when you get a better quality camera on a new phone. #project365

  8. I love the look (and smell) of freshly cut grass. Fake nails always fall off me too. The pinata cake looks fab

  9. I tried fake nails once and they all fell off. Gave up and never did it again. We need to mow our grass. Everything has suddenly got so long! The Pinata cake looks lovely. Yay for a new phone, I need to upgrade mine really but haven't got to it.

  10. It's always great getting a new gadget. I hope you enjoy playing with it and didn't have to wait to long for the sim that fitted it. Love the blue nails even if she only had them on for a day. I used to love painting my nails blue as a teenager #356