Tuesday 8 June 2021

People look down on me and judge but I don't care!

It is natural to judge other people even though you say you don't judge people. It's human nature but looking down on someone because of what they wear, how they look, how much they earn or whatever other reason is wrong.

I am probably one of billions who have had people looking down on me all of my life. It used to really bother me but over the last couple of years I just think stuff you. I just think it's funny, especially as a lot of those people looking down on me are not perfect and they probably have the totally wrong idea of me.

Me with blue hair.

At school there was always those who had the latest trainers, the most fashionable clothes and the coolest bags. I didn't come from a poor family but my mam and dad were sensible with their money. Why buy a branded pair of trainers when you could pay a fraction of the price for an unbranded pair, save the money and treat my brother & I to a great day out to a theme park or save it for a holiday. It was sensible but of course being a child and then a teenager I didn't understand that and I was looked down on because I didn't have the coolest things. I wanted the best and most expensive of everything but now I understand it. Now I buy mid range things for girls. Not the cheapest things but not the most expensive either.

I have always looked young for my age. I am 41 now and I sometimes still get asked for ID to buy a bottle of wine. lol People look down on me because I look young for my age. There is one moment which stick in my mind. I was in my late 20's when Ellie was born, we were still in the hospital and Ellie was sweating so I took the hat off they put on her after being born. I was being patronised and talked down to by a midwife who didn't look much older than me. She thought I was a new mother who didn't know any better. They failed to realise I was heading towards 30 years old and already had a 5 year old. A midwife actually said to me that she thought I was a teenage mum who needed a bit of guidance. It actually turns out the sweating was a sign of Ellie's heart defect and it turns out my motherly instincts were right.

For a long, long time I didn't have my own URL on here. I used the free blogspot address and I was looked down on by PR companies and some bloggers because of that, despite blogging daily for over 5 years at the time. I was called unreliable and was told that I wasn't a real blogger. Now I have my own URL there is still people who look down on me. You really can't please everyone.

Having a hair colour which isn't natural causes people to judge. People assume that because I have a loud hair colour that I am loud, confident and trouble which I am not at all. I am the exact opposite. At least with those people who do give me a chance, my hair colour gives us something to talk about.

When we first moved here there was a few people locally who judged and looked down on me and my family. I remember an acquaintance of my dad's that used to just grunt at me when I said good morning or afternoon. He had his own ideas of why I moved here and his ideas couldn't have been any further from the truth. Now he has got to know me and knows I am not a threat he is quite chatty. I am not that person he thought I was. One of our neighbours said she didn't like the look of us when we moved in but now she's got to know us her view of us has changed. Phew!

I am actually past caring now when people look down on me and judge me. If they can't take the time and get to know me for who I am they are really not worth my time!

Do you get bothered when people look down on you or judge you?


  1. Wow Kim. Reading about this just made me feel angry, because it's obviously upset you in the past. Stuff them all is what I say.

    I'm so glad that you have realised that what other people think of you really does not matter. As long as you have people around you who care then the rest of the world can go hang.

    (P.S. And for what it is worth as a relative newbie to blogging, it's quite obvious how successful your blog and you are at it. Probably because you are totally real, true to yourself, your blog tells it how it is, AND you're always so supportive of others. You rock, mate.)

  2. I used to but I really don't care at all anymore! When we turned to homeschooling we had to decide if we wanted to fit in or just be happy and not give a fig what others thought of us. We chose the later and have never looked back.

  3. I think you get to a stage where you no longer care. We all get judged for something. Just be you and be happy x

  4. Oh dude, sod them all. There will always be a judgy pants trying to spoil someone's day. You are the most kindest, loveliest person and your blog is bloody fab! Judgmental people can jog on for me. I'm too busy enjoying life to care about interfering sticky beaks lol! xx

  5. People are always quick to judge and see just the cover and don't get to know the book. I am glad people's views of changed but they really should not of jumped to conclusions x #mmbc

  6. Ahh Kim. You are one of the most authentic people the internet has graced me with. You haven't got a bad bone in your body and have the best relationship with your family. That's all you need in life. People who judge that are defining others by their standards, it says more about them than you! X

  7. Good for you! It sounds like you are in a great place! And well done on being the one to spot an issue with your daughter's health.

  8. Awww Kim, I do feel angry that you have been judged but I know for a fact that if you lived near me we would be best buddies (Despite our age gap because we were good buddies before you even realised what an oldie I was, lol) I love your hair, I love your blog, I love your girls and most of all I love your openness and honesty. It doesn't matter what others think. xxx

  9. I'm sorry that people have looked down and judged you. I've never met you but I feel like I've got to know you and your lovely girls over my years of blogging and you have always come across as a very friendly, kind and authentic person and I love reading your blog. I love your colourful hair (and wish sometimes I was brave enough to do the same with mine!) I'm glad you are past caring what people think of you and that those who have taken the trouble to get to know you having initially looked down on you have changed their view. Not that they should have judged you in the first place but it just goes to show that people's judgments are often wrong.

  10. Oh my goodness! People are awful, aren't they? I can't believe people would think you were trouble and would make up their own reasons for you moving.
    So glad you are over it now. People and their silly judgements are not worth bothering with. x