Thursday 11 July 2024

A bored jar and 50 ideas for teenagers and young adults.

A little while ago I saw a blog post from Our Grand Lives about a summer fave! Fun in the sun activities jar! It is something I used to do with my girls when they were little and if they were feeling bored they would pick something out of the jar and we would do it. Back then it involved things like play Lego, make Play-dough or slime, bake or go to the park.

How to use a Bored Jar!

Prepare the Jar: Write each activity on a separate piece of paper and fold them up. Place all the papers in the jar.

Pick an Activity: Whenever you're bored or looking for something to do, draw a piece of paper from the jar and complete the activity.

Summer activity jar

Now my girls are older the things we used to have in our Bored jars just don't work anymore but I got myself thinking about doing one this summer. Becky has days off from work, Ellie has a long summer and there will be days when we don't know what to do with ourselves, this is what I have came up with.

1. Go on a walk.
2. Tidy your bedrooms properly.
3. Go to McDonalds.
4. Bake something new.
5. Create a new playlist on Spotify.
6. Research your family tree.
7. Make your own ice lollies.
8. Message a friend that you haven't spoken to in a while.
9. Read a book.
10. Go for a bike ride.
11. Cut the grass in the garden.
12. Make some TikTok videos.
13. Play a board game.
14. Plan your dream holiday.
15. Go on a picnic.
16. Write a blog post for your mam.
17. Make cupcakes.
18. Play a new game on your computer.
19. Create a time capsule.
20. Go to the pub.
21. Paint your nails.
22. Vacuum and dust the whole of downstairs.
23. Have a water balloon fight.
24. Watch a documentary. 
25. Go to the cinema.
26. Do a jigsaw.
27. Watch a concert (off the TV).
28. Meet your dad from work.
29. Eat an ice cream or ice lolly while sitting in the garden.
30. Go for a soak in the bath.
31. Write a bucket list.
32. Video chat with one of your friends.
33. Do some adult colouring.
34. Watch a new to you TV show.
35. Go for a look around the charity shops.
36. Draw or paint a picture.
37. Create a wish list of things you want for your birthday.
38. Go to the beach.
39. Create a scrapbook.
40. Play on your laptop without me nagging.
41. Try new hairstyles or makeup.
42. Make your own lemonade.
43. Go and visit Grandad.
44. Listen to a podcast or an audiobook.
45. Do a Lego set.
46. Write a letter to someone.
47. Watch a Christmas movie
48. Weed the garden.
49. Visit the farm shop.
50. Do a face mask! Pamper yourself.

What sort of things will keep your children occupied during the summer?


  1. It's easy to make an activity jar for littles - this is a great list for teens and young adults...or even for adults!

  2. I remember doing this for my kids during the school holidays! It's like they cant think for themselves, they need us to entertain them all the time.

  3. This is a great list. My kids will do most things that involve food!