Sunday 7 July 2024

Week 27 of #Project365 30th June - 6th July. A photo every day for a year!

We have had a good week and such a busy weekend so far. On Friday evening we were at the local pub watching an Abba tribute band which was fantastic and yesterday and today see's the local agricultural show happening. We were out yesterday but did make a point of getting home in time to watch the football. We will be out today too as long as the weather isn't too bad. It was forecast rain most of yesterday but there was one big shower and that was it, we didn't let it ruin our day, we just hid in the craft tent until it had passed.

Now for a photo every day!

Shania Twain
Shoes and red nail polish
My youngest and the polling station
Abba Tribute and horse stunt people

182/365 - 30th June
Shania Twain was one of my favourite performers at Glastonbury. She is someone that I would love to see live! She hasn't seemed to age either! She looks the same as she did in the 90's. lol

183/365 - 1st July
Ellie bought herself some shoes, her first ever one's with a high heel. I was a big dubious at first thinking there was no way she'd be able to walk in them but she surprised me. She is a natural in heels. She wore them on Friday evening and it was only as we were walking home she complained about sore feet but it's no wonder with all the dancing that she did.

184/365 - 2nd July
When I was in hospital with Ellie I picked all the gel nail polish off, partly due to stress and partly due to boredom. I gave my nails almost a week of a break before I repainted them a very bright red! Years ago I used to shy away from bright colours now I just think life is too short not to have fun!

185/365 - 3rd July
Both myself and Ellie had our hair cut and dyed. I did it and I think I did a good job.

186/365 - 4th July
Stu, Becky and myself went to vote and then spend the evening dying to know the result. I stayed up until the first few areas announced their results and woke in the morning to see that Labour had won. I am not a fan of Starmer but our country needed the change. 

187/365 - 5th July
Our fun weekend started with us going to see an Abba Tribute band. They were brilliant, sung all the hits and had everyone up dancing. The pub had an outside bar and BBQ going and it was such a fun evening. There was a group of young lads up on the pub wall watching Abba, singing along and dancing which gave everyone a good chuckle.

188/365 - 6th July
Show day! We love the local agricultural show. It is such a good couple of days out and something different to do. We stuffed our faces with burgers, pulled pork, doughnuts and we were going to get an ice cream until it turned chilly and we ended up with a hot chocolate. In the main arena there was a team of stunt riders and horses who were amazing to watch!

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  1. I do love an agricultural show, I think our local ones don't start until august. Hair looks good and the jury is out on Starmer for me. Let's see if they manage to make some positive changes

  2. I like her choice in sandals! Although I struggle with heels now...Those stunt riders look amazing...would have loved to have seen that!

  3. Love an agricultural show. We're going to the game fair in a couple of weeks (at N's request because he wants to look at guns probably and shoot some clays, I'll be bored and probably hot - or wet, if it's raining!), and an agricultural show in early September. I didn't see much of Glastonbury - need to go back and watch it.

  4. One of my favorite memories of one of our trips to the UK was a visit to an agricultural show. I was disappointed, however, that the Morris dancers resembled teenage cheerleaders and not the men with bells on their knees!

  5. The Abba Tribute band sounds fun! I hope you got up and danced! The local agricultural show sounds fun too.

  6. Good job on the hair cut and color. I'd enjoy seeing an ABBA tribute band. I always like their music. #MMBC

  7. I love a good pair of chunky heels like those! They are so pretty. I bet that ABBA band was great... which reminds me I need to add some of their songs to my playlist.

  8. I love tribute shows and the ABBA one would have been so much fun!

  9. I love Ellie’s new shoes. Glad they were reasonably comfortable as well. Sounds like you had a nice evening watching the ABBA tribute band and the agricultural show sounded like it was a great day out. #project365