Saturday 6 July 2024

This week my Word of the Week is: Good! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


This week has been a good week, well it couldn't be any worse than last week after Ellie's drama's. She is fine and it has been lovely to spend time with her as she is on her summer break from college now. There has been a lot of grovelling and sucking up from her. hehehe She's had her phone took off her and limited internet access so she has spent more time being sociable instead of looking at a screen although she has been playing a lot of The Sims! I say playing it but she just likes building houses and not actually dealing with The Sims lives. We have said we will all be spending less time in front of screens over the summer.

Becky made me so proud! She was out on Thursday all day and could have stayed at her friends but she made a point of coming home just so she can vote! I think it's good that she uses her vote as many of her friends don't bother and they are the generation who need to have their say to change things!! I am glad the Conservatives are out, I am not a fan of Starmer but the change needed to happen. I suppose it could have been worse.

A few weeks ago I mentioned how Stu had a dispute on eBayStu sold a computer part and the buyer said the package arrived empty. After I took over messaging being not as polite as Stu the buyer backtracked and said it arrived fine but it was opened and stolen from inside his house. The buyer still expected a refund and of course eBay sided with the buyer like they always do. We were not having it so I found the dispute a dispute part of the website and there was a little button to press to have eBay ring. Stu spoke to them on the phone and explained what had happened. It turns out because the buyer provided a tracking number the automated thing assumed the buyer was sending the item back for a refund, the item that had been stolen! He did seem like a scammer and eBay thought so too as his account has been banned. The guy on the phone was a great help and made us realise how much of eBay is automated. Stu had his money returned within a day. I don't know if the buyer had any money refunded. I don't think he should have but it was a good result for us.

I think in a past life I was a hairdresser. hehehe I haven't had good experiences getting my hair cut in the past and I will never forget the time Stu took Ellie to get her hair trimmed and it was nowhere near straight so now I do the hair cutting and I think I do a good job!

Hair cuts

I cut and dyed mine and Ellie's hair during the week. Ellie's is so easy to do. I put it in two hair bobbles one on the top pointing up and one at the back and just cut. When the bobbles are taken out she has layers! It's just the fringe that I struggle with, I can never get it perfect, the bit in the middle above her nose is a little short but it looks better than it did! I ended up cutting my hair shorter than I had planned as I cut too much off one side and then had to cut more off the other side to make it match. Oops.

My plants are doing well again! Hooray! After missing watering for them a couple of days last week they were looking pretty sorry for themselves but I've been watering them but trying not to over water them at the same time and they have came back to life. My biggest issue over the past couple of days has been keeping them upright. It has been a little bit windy and the taller plants have fallen over more than a few times.

I am hoping for some good weather as we are out and about all weekend. It's looking like we could be getting some rain so I must remember my umbrella! We must be home by 5pm tonight to watch the football. I hope the England team do better than their last match, that was stressful! 

I hope you have all had a good week!

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  1. Glad you are having a good week. What with Ellie being a good girl, Stu getting his money back and also Becky using up her vote. We look forward to good things this Summer and I hope your plants continue to do well.

  2. Good grief, the buyer admitted that the item was stolen from his house and expected you to take the hit - unbelievable! Scammer with a capital S. Glad the situation was resolved.

  3. There are so many scammers on Ebay. What a cheeky sod, I'm glad you got your money back in the end.
    Love your hairstyles! I remember Craig having a go at mine during the covid lockdown. Let's just say, it's a good job I like his face lol! Never again, haha.
    You are really good though.
    Yay to England's win yesterday! What a brilliant game and another stressful one! Haha xx

  4. Your haircuts are amazing!

    So glad that you pursued the Ebay scammer and he got banned. At least he can't do anything like that again!


  5. You and Ellie are the spitting image of each other, even fringe and no fringe you can tell she's your daughter. I think you did a good job. I do all the hairdressing in my house apart from The Little Man, I'm not good with clippers, I once gave my eldest son a bald patch on the back of his head! The colours look great too. I'm glad you had a good week and I hope Ellie has learnt her lesson. xx

  6. So glad to hear it was a good week in so many ways. I think you have amazing hair dressing skills, yours and Ellie’s hair look like it was done by a professional! I’m also happy to hear you got to speak to a real person on eBay who was helpful and Stu got his money back.

  7. Glad you’ve had a good week. Well done to Becky for getting out and voting. I’m glad the Tories are out too and I’m hoping that the change of government will be a positive thing. Glad Stu got refunded on eBay – it does make a difference when you can speak to someone rather than relying on automated systems. Your new haircuts look good, even if yours did end up shorter than originally planned! #WotW