Saturday 15 June 2024

This week my Word of the Week is: Dad! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


It has been one of those weeks where most of my week has revolved around my dad which of course I am not complaining about, I feel lucky that my dad is still here and is living his life to the fullest.

On Monday Stu and I went to my dad's, partly to see the new car that he has bought (I will get to that in a moment) and partly to see my brother for some advice about eBay! Stu sold a computer part and the buyer is being a pain! He started off saying the package arrived empty and after I took over messaging being not as polite as Stu. the buyer has backtracked and said it arrived fine but it was opened and stolen from inside his house. It sounds harsh but that is not our problem, he wants a refund and we are arguing that he is at fault. He received the item, it's not our fault it was stolen! I told him he needs to report it to the police as surely it is burglary and he said he's going to. Of course we are expecting eBay to side with the buyer but this time I will kick up such a fuss if they do as he has already said the seller, Stu is not at fault.

On Friday when girls and I went to see my dad and he was on with connecting a trailer to his truck to go and pick up a car that he had bought. It is an old Reliant Scimitar. It was literally just hi and bye. I felt like I missed out on time seeing him so Stu and I went on Monday for some time with dad.

Reliant Scimitar

We had a lovely afternoon with him, he was so proud to show off his new project. He says it needs quite a bit of work on it but apart from the seats missing and a few cosmetic things I can't see what! lol. He said it should be roadworthy by the end of the summer! He is so excited about it and that makes me so happy!

The weather wasn't great on Monday, there were a lot of showers so he said he would give us a lift home which was great until he couldn't find his car keys! He is always losing his keys, in the past we have had those keyring things that make a noise when you press one part but he lost that too. lol Anyway he has a work truck and gave us a lift home in that. I am not a fan of it. It is higher up than a normal car and it feels like you are looking down onto the road! Eek! It felt like riding in a rollercoaster but he loves his truck and uses it a lot for work.

I wrote a blog post all about my dad and why he is the best during the week. It made me realise that I don't have many recent photos of him! I have tons in photo albums of him as a child and when my brother and I were kids but I don't have many from over the last couple of years. I must get some!

I got a lecture from my dad when he has realised that I have bought him gifts for Father's Day! He didn't even realise it was Father's Day on Sunday until I said we weren't going to see him yesterday like we usually do and instead are going on Sunday. He doesn't like me wasting my money on him, I disagree, I am not wasting my money. He always say's there's nothing he needs so it's a waste but I have bought him things that he will want. hehehe Cheese, chutney and crackers and some fancy ginger biscuits! His favourite foods! Unbeknown to my dad we're taking him out for lunch! Our favourite cafe who does the home made type Sunday lunches is 5 minutes from him so we're going to make him come and eat with us, if he refuses I will get a meal plated up for him and they can deliver it. hehehe

The girls have got Stu some great gifts, this was the first year I have left it all up to them and they have done well although they have forgotten to get cards so far but that is a job for today, they say! Becky bought and had the gifts delivered a couple of weeks ago (she's little Miss organised) and Ellie left it until the last minute and got some things yesterday. 

Over the next few weeks I will have to time it right when I phone my dad as the Euro's football tournament has started. He loves football so if I call during a match he won't be happy! During the World cup he would ring me during half time of a match and we would talk about what had been happening in it. I don't usually watch football but do when there is a big thing happening which is just as well.

How has your week been? I hope it has been a good one!

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  1. Yeah, all my mother's day gifts had no cards since my husband doesn't think of them either and never thought to ask the boys if they had any. The rest of the time I make all the cards so I always make sure they have what they need and am busy making all sorts of grad cards and thank you cards this month. It sounds like a wonderful week of memories with your dad (and my step father is always losing his keys too!).

  2. I bought Vic a basket one year, a place to put his keys when he comes in from work. Now instead of hearing "Where are my keys?", I hear "Where is the basket?", lol.

  3. Your dad sounds lovely! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating Father's Day on Sunday and that your dad enjoys his meal. Sorry to hear about all the trouble you and Stu have had with the Ebay buyer, hope it all gets sorted.

  4. Hope you had a lovely day with your Dad and that he enjoyed his meal. Hope the Ebay thing gets sorted out. Hope Stu had a nice father's day too. Karen Early Rising Mum

  5. Awww I'm so glad you managed to reconnect with your Dad, I think moving to be nearer to him was such a great idea because you sound so happy whenever you speak about him and his girlfriend. you are so lucky and I hope Father's Day went really well xx

  6. Loved reading your posts. Always funny and personable. I love that you love your dad too. Spend the time and quality time too. My dad would have said the smae too, if he were still around. Glad the girls managed to get themselves mostly organised for Fathers' day.

  7. What a nightmare with the eBay buyer. I hope you get it resolved. I love your dad’s new car. My father-in-law used to have a Scimitar. Good luck to your dad with getting it roadworthy. It’s lovely that you have such a great relationship with your dad. I always loved spending time with my dad too. I hope he had a lovely Fathers’ Day and enjoyed his gifts and going out for lunch. Hope Stu had a lovely Fathers’ Day too. #WotW