Friday 21 June 2024

What I have loved this week! Week 25. #FridayFavourites

Hello there and happy Friday! This past week seems to have flown over and it feels like I don't have much to show for it. It has not been a bad week though, just busy!

I am here today to share some of the things that I have loved this week and I am of course linking up with Erika and Andrea to share them.

What I have loved this week

Summer Solstice!
Yesterday was the longest day of the year and it actually felt like summer. There was no threat of rain and as I am writing this it is 18C but it felt warmer. We have had quite a bit of rain over the past week but the flowers in my garden have started to bloom thanks to it. The weather forecast is looking good for the next week too! Sunshine and warmer temperatures. Hooray! It feels like summer is actually here!

The Euro's are happening, the The UEFA European Football Championship and the country has gone football mad again. I am going to write more about it in my Word of the Week post tomorrow but I have watched a lot of football over the past week and I am loving it. England were playing last night and I am so disappointed in them, they did not play well at all but did manage a 1-1 draw. We should go through to the next round.

Father's Day! 
We all had a lovely day on Sunday, we went to see my dad to give him the gifts that he didn't want me to buy and of course he loved them. A cheese hamper with different flavoured cheese, crackers and chutney and some fancy ginger biscuits. We had lunch and then went to the pub for a couple of drinks, it was so busy but we had a fab time.

Gel nails!

Gel nails

Last Friday I did my own gel nails and they are still going strong. I know they don't look the greatest but they are better than when I first did them earlier in the year. lol I thought they were going to be bright red, when I put it on it was red but dried more of an orange colour! I love it! Now I am thinking the other colours which I bought in the set might not be the colours that they look like straight out of the bottle. I have a blue, green, pink and a lilac.

Doctor Who!
The new series is coming to an end and there's just one more episode left! I have really loved the new Doctor and his companion Ruby Sunday! They have brought something different from all the previous Doctors and companions. I am so tempted to stay up tonight to watch the new episode at midnight when it is released on the BBC iPlayer. Who is Ruby’s mum? What’s was Susan Triad’s dreams all about? And there has to be more to Mrs Flood!

Hay fever tablets! 
I woke up on Monday thinking I had a cold, I felt rotten but then my eyes started itching and puffed up. I took a hay fever tablet and in a few hours I was feeling much better! I have suffered this week when I wake in the morning. I am not happy about the hay fever but I am glad it wasn't a cold. I have only been bothered with hay fever since we moved here 5 years ago, we are surrounded by fields and my poor nose does not like it. 

Inside Out 2!
It's not one of my favourites but my girls. They have been to see it twice, once on Saturday and then they went to see it in 3D yesterday. The first time they saw it they didn't wait until the very end and there was a little extra bit after the end credits. I thought I had taught them better, always stay right until the end. I learned that from Marvel movies. They said it was even better 2nd time around.

What have you loved this week?

Friday Favorites


  1. Love that red color and you'll get better and better! I tried doing my own gel and I wasn't very successful, thus the press ons for me. My friend wore press ons to Europe and they lasted 12 days!

  2. I feel like allergy season has been endless here this year; luckily I can usually muddle through without too much discomfort once the bulk of the blooming is done. It is definitely feeling summer here as we have had a heat wave that makes our temps feel like we're in the triple digits!

  3. Oh I do love the colour of your nails, you did well! You can guarantee the kids start shouting me when I'm doing mine and I either end up with polish everywhere, or something stuck to my nail! Haha.
    I hear you with the hayfever, mine and Jayden's has kicked in, it's been vile today. I use Pirinase spray and that seems to help.
    The football has been great, well apart from last night's match. Let's hope the next game is a better one. xx

  4. The nails color is SO pretty! I want to take the kids to see Inside Out 2 - thanks for the idea!

  5. Your nails look great and I look forward to seeing how the other colours turn out. Hooray for some warmer weather! I'm so happy for you after such a long winter and not-so-warm spring days. Good to hear you didn't have a cold and I hope the hayfever clears up soon. The cheese hamper you gave your dad sounds delicious and I bet he loved it!

  6. My husband always makes us stay until after the credits at the movies too! We saw the after credit snippet for Inside Out 2! That's a pretty nail polish color! Good luck with your allergies!