Thursday 6 June 2024

Would You Rather - Part 8.

A while ago I saw a post from the blog This Is Where It's At with 80 Would you rather questions. I thought they would be fun to answer them. I was going to do all 80 in one post but I do like to waffle on so thought I would split them into a few blog posts. This is the last lot of Would you rather questions and I have really enjoyed doing them. You can read the previous set of questions in a previous blog post.

Question marks

Would you rather have arms as long as Mr Tickle or legs as short as E.T?
Arms as long as Mr Tickle, I wouldn't have to bend down again to pick anything up which would save my back and I could reach on the top of the kitchen cupboards instead of getting my fella or girls to reach for things. Ellie is still shorter than me but she seems to have longer arms. 

Would you rather empty a swimming pool using just a fork or get in a swimming pool for half an hour with a jellyfish?
Jellyfish scare me so I would empty the swimming pool with a fork. I blame my dad, when I was on a beach when I was a child there were jellyfish and my dad made a big deal about them stinging.

Would you rather drink soup out of a farmer's welly or from a binman's sock?
Eww! They both sound gross but I think a binman's sock, it has to be smaller than a welly and I imagine there is a lot of mud and bits in a welly boot.

Would you rather have no sense of smell or no sense of taste?
It's hard to say as they are both connected. Doesn't your sense of smell control what you taste? I would say no sense of taste and hope that the sense of smell makes things taste good.

Would you rather have your name tattooed on your forehead or have no front teeth?
I would rather have no front teeth, I could always get false one's.

Would you rather let a crusty old man drink milk out of your belly button every day for a year or drink milk out of a crusty old man's belly button every day for a month?
Eww! Neither would be nice but I would have the old man drinking from my belly button. I would just have to lay there and just not think about what is happening.

Would you rather fight a kangaroo or a badger?
Ahh! I have heard they are both nasty fighters but I think I would stand more of a chance with a badger as kangaroo's are huge and have quite the kick.

Would you rather eat a wet loaf of bread or drink a pint of whipped fish?
I had to Google what whipped fish was and it actually sounds quite nice as long as it comes with the lemon and olive oil mentioned in the recipes. Soggy bread sounds disgusting.

Would you rather live in a world where you dance instead of walking or instead of talking?
A world where I dance instead of walking sounds like fun. Trying to express in dance what I am trying to say sounds quite challenging so I would say dance instead of walking.

Would you rather share a bed with a walrus or an eel?
I imagine a walrus lying quite still compared to an eel so I would choose the walrus.

What would you answer for these would you rather questions?


  1. Oh my goodness; some of these would be so hard to pick! I always get a kick out of hearing the reasoning behind your answers though.

  2. These are hilarious! I'd love to have arms long enough to reach the top cupboards.