Tuesday 11 June 2024

Share our Lives - Foods to make for someone else!

This months Share Our Lives linky prompt is: Foods to make for someone else. It's always the simplest prompts which leave me puzzled at what to write. Like last months 5 Favourite and Least Favourite Foods, the favourite foods were easy but least favourite had me stumped but on the other hand I thought I would struggle to write about my Favourite Make up and Hair products but I ended up with quite the list.

This month I have decided to write about what each of my family members love me to make for them! They all have different tastes but I know what to make them to cheer them up if they are feeling down or as a treat.

Foods to make for someone else

My eldest!
Becky loves pasta and cheese so anything including those ingredients make the perfect meal for her. She would love me to make her home made lasagne but I just can't perfect it so that is a meal that she will always cook! Becky's favourite meal that I cook is such a simple one. I cook the pasta twists, mix a jar of the Homepride Pasta BakeCreamy Tomato and Herb sauce to the cooked pasta and then cover it with cheese. If I have enough time and patience she will get a side of garlic bread too, nothing fancy, just frozen garlic bread slices cooked in the air fryer!

My fella.
Stu loves traditional, hearty meals. Anything with mashed potato and gravy is a winner in his eyes. He loves the rare occasion that I cook a full on roast dinner with all the trimmings as he knows the next day I will make a pie using the leftovers. He loves my Leftover Roast Dinner Pie. It's all the good things about a roast dinner with added pie crust and chances are that I make too much pastry and end up making jam tarts which is one of his favourite sweet treats.

jam tarts and roast dinner pie

My youngest!
Ellie is all about rice and noodles which makes it so easy to whip up a meal for her from leftovers in the fridge. Her favourite type of meal is a stir fry and I tend not to use a recipe, I just add whatever we have in the fridge, chicken, mushrooms, peppers, onions then add a bit of soy and hoisin sauce and add a packet of microwave rice and either Supernoodles or Udon noodles. For her it feels like she's won the lottery if she finds some prawn crackers in the cupboard to go with it.

As a family meal!
On a Saturday evening we always have a nice, family meal together and now we're heading into summer we will be eating our favourite more. Burgers in buns, with fries, corn on the cob and onion rings! It's a meal I love making as I know it's something we all love. I have to get everyone's order right though. Breaded onion rings, not battered for Becky, no tomato in the buns for my girls, extra bacon on my fella's burger and no cheese on mine!

What are your favourite meals to make for your family?

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  1. It sounds like everybody in your house has very different tastes! I like making spinach lasagne as it's very quick and easy, I'm always happy to make roast dinner and risotto is another favourite here - particularly bacon and sun dried tomatoes or prawn and mushroom :)


  2. I read another post with the same take on this month's theme - cooking for someone else as in other members of the family. Leftover Roast Dinner Pie sounds delicious!

  3. All of those meals sound delicious! I love the same types of meals that some of your people do: hearty and traditional. I do tend to eat lighter fare in the summer months, because it's too hot to steam up the kitchen with the oven and stovetop. I've been using my air fryer a lot lately!

  4. These all sound like delicious meals that most anyone in my house would eat (but not everyone would eat everything! LOL). My husband loves a good stir fry and just about anything made with rice.

  5. Those foods sound so delicious and I love all the hearty meals even in the summer! My family would eat all of them and so would I. I often say if I served rocks we would probably eat rocks!