Tuesday 18 June 2024

5 years living here!

Oh how time flies and the last 5 years really has! This time 5 years ago we were getting ready to move from Northumberland in the North East of England down to near Scunthorpe. I still don't know how to describe where we live. Sometimes people say it's Yorkshire, sometimes the midlands and sometimes it's just North Lincolnshire but if you are reading from say London do you know where North Lincolnshire is? It's not the most well known areas. For people who aren't around here I just say we live over the bridge from Hull. lol

The sky

Next week is 5 years since we moved here and I can honestly say things have changed for the better. All of my family have changed, relaxed and feel so much happier here than we ever did in Northumberland. Yes, we had some good times there but in 5 years things have just been better! 

When we moved here both Stu and I couldn't sleep because it was so quiet! There was no drunken fools walking home from town, there was no one fighting on the street and there certainly have never been any drugs raids in the houses around us. In fact if we see a police car now we get shocked and wonder what is going on. 

Hanging washing on the line

A few days after moving here I wrote this blog post about how it felt like a whole new world and in some ways it still does. I still can't get used to all the green, grass, fields and flowers. I thought by now my body would have got used to it all but I am suffering with hay fever for another year it seems. That is the only negative I have about living here but I wouldn't change it. I love having a garden even if I am having a battle with weeds at the moment. There is nothing better than hanging washing out on the line!

When we first moved here I thought I would miss being in walking distance to the main high street but living where we do we have the best of both worlds. Scunthorpe is a short bus ride away and Hull not much further and with the £2 bus fares even if I did drive I still wouldn't drive to Hull with the bridge toll and parking costs. Yes, sometimes I miss being able to nip to McDonalds or Costa but in the long run it has saved us money! I rely on online shopping for the groceries and random things but that's fine. We do have a little Tesco and Co-op locally so it's not like we go without. Now when we go to town it feels like more of a treat than an every day thing.

I have seen the biggest changes in the girls. Yes, in 5 years they would have changed but I think if we had stayed in Northumberland Becky would be plodding along unhappily doing goodness knows what and Ellie, I don't know. There might have been a mental breakdown or two. I'd like to say I was exaggerating but she was not in a good place mentally when we left Northumberland. 

My girls 2019

When we left Northumberland Ellie was suffering with social anxiety but now she is a totally different girl. I wouldn't say she is fully confident in everything but she has came out of her shell! She sailed through school doing well in her GCSE's and is almost finished her first year of Electrical Engineering in college.

Becky works full time, night shift in a care home. She loves her job and the residents. She said it's a job she could see herself staying in for life. It's close to home, the hours suit her and the money is good! Soon after moving here Becky came out to us as bisexual and over the last 5 years she has had a few girlfriends. She has been seeing her currant girlfriend for about a year now and is happy. She said if we still lived in Northumberland she would not have came out to us or anyone. Things were different there.

We live in a small town which has a village feel to it. Everyone knows everyone and I feel like we are getting there with the locals. We have had some moments when we have felt like outsiders but I just name drop my dad as he has lived here for almost 15 years and all is good. hehehe We have not had a good relationship with one of our neighbours, from the day we moved in she has hated us and I don't even know why? Well I have a fair idea, before we got this house a lot of local people were after it and I think she knew someone who wanted it. I just laugh at her now because everything she has done against us has backfired on her. Oops. In Northumberland if we had an argument with a neighbour I would worry about our windows being smashed or house set on fire. (It happened, our neighbours house was set on fire when we were in bed asleep) but here the worst that happens is she complains to everyone who will listen and refuses to take parcels in for us. lol

The girls blackberry picking with my dad

The best thing about living here is having my dad up the road! We see him a couple of times a week, he's a busy man but I still speak to him most nights on the phone. The girls have a great relationship with him and his partner. He is so proud of them both. Some people look down on carers but he thinks Becky is amazing for being one and he has really taken Ellie under his wing when it comes to her being an electrical engineer. He has had her doing wiring and has been buying her tools.

I think we moved at the best ever time! We moved here at the end of June and by early 2020 the world was in lockdown because of Coronavirus. I think if we were in Northumberland when that happened we would have fallen apart as a family. In the job Stu had in Northumberland he would have still been working during the lockdowns but here he had a few months at home as he wasn't an essential worker.

I have said this is my forever home! If the landlord ever wants to sell I will beg, borrow and steal to keep it! I couldn't imagine living anywhere else! 


  1. Good to know Ellie is improving..:-)
    The Art Diary

  2. Wow, Time flies...I still remember you teasing us saying that you had to change your blog name because big changes were coming...moving was definitely a big change! It's great that you are so happy where you are and that your girls are flourishing. Becky's job is great and she's doing something useful. I was a carer in a home for many years and I worked nights for quite a while too. I can't believe your neighbour is so petty though. I moved nearly 11 years ago because we needed somewhere bigger. We had small children and we moved to a family area. Now, my family are almost all grown up and the neighbours kids are just annoying....lol... I want a cottage by the seaside. That's the only thing that would make me move again xx

  3. I'm so glad that your family has found a place that feels like home!

  4. Great post, so happy you are all doing so much better in your new home. My cousin's partner is a carer, and he loves his job, loves the residents, always posting fun photos of their outings on the care home's FB page. I can see that he really cares for the residents, and they love him.

  5. Reading this post made me so happy for you. It's just wonderful to hear how much this house made a difference in your life. Also, I'm very happy for Becky, that she is comfortable being herself in this place.

  6. It sounds like so much has really changed for the better for all of you. It sounds like you live in a really nice area and both girls sound so much more confident in who they are-- which is just wonderful when talking about young adults/teens!!

  7. Kim, it sure does sound like your move transformed everyone. I'm happy to hear you guys are doing great.
    Visiting today from MMBC

  8. How has it been 5 years?! You have been much happier since you moved and it looks lovely where you are now. So glad that you're all settled. xx

  9. I loved reading about how happy and settled you all are. Your area sounds absolutely lovely and I was trying to imagine it as I was reading. Haha, I love watching Escape To The Country and I was visualising all the beautiful rural green areas in England. I know what you mean about not being able to sleep when it's too quiet! We lived in a tiny two-bedroom unit for seven years and were so used to the noise from traffic and aeroplanes (we were right on the flight path). The whole place would shake every time a plane was coming in for landing! When we moved into our new home, it took ages for me to be able to sleep!

  10. Wow! I can't believe you've been there five years already. It really does sound like the move was the best thing for you all. I really hope you can stay there forever! x