Monday 24 June 2024

Our weekly meal plan! 24th - 30th June! #MealPlanningMonday

Our weekly meal plan

Last weeks meal plan went well, we ate almost everything! As expected the Thai-Style Coconut Chicken was my favourite meal and we really enjoyed the Sausage & Pepper Chilli Con Carne Pasta Bake too. Becky even said it's better than the pasta dishes which she makes and she is an expert at making anything with pasta. 

The Gousto box was delivered early on Saturday so I didn't have to jiggle any meals around. The poor delivery guy was  very angry about it though as he said it weighed too much and he has been underpaid. Eek! Come to think of it, it's the first time that I have had Evri deliver my box so I am thinking they deliver the lighter boxes and Yodel or DPD do the heavier one's. 

Yesterday it felt like I had a whole day of it before 10am. On a Sunday I like to have a lie in but yesterday just after 9am we had the water people here unblocking drains. Ours and next doors was blocked, our toilet was filling up and outside in the alley way was starting to smell. It turns out no one is to blame and there is a dip in the drainage where everything yucky is sitting and piling up. Eww! It's a common thing in older houses and we were told that when we go to the loo we need to flush twice to keep the water flowing. When I say no one is to blame I have thought, we might be. Since we got a shower put in we've stopped having baths so there is no surge of water, clearing things where the dip is when we take the plug out. Oops. I might have to start having baths again or just filling one with cold water so we can clear the drains.

Anyway, because I was up early it felt like a long day ahead of me doing nothing so I convinced Stu and Ellie to go to the pub for lunch and it was so good. So good to have a big meal without sweating in the kitchen making it and so good because my mashed potato is rubbish compared to the chef's at the pub! I need to ask him about it next time I see him.

Sunday lunch out

It's funny about 3 months ago I would never eat cabbage, I had it at the pub and now it's something that I think about all of the time. I even took Ellie's off her. I don't know if my tastes have changed as I have got older or it's just the way they cook it but it's so good!

What I didn't plan for when I ordered the Gousto box a couple of weeks ago was the weather! Oops! It's supposed to be quite a warm week and I will have to spend time in the kitchen cooking. Eek! I am hoping to get the meals cooked on the morning so we can reheat them later on as our kitchen gets the sun from about 11am and it ends up feeling like an oven in there by tea time!

On the menu this week we have:

Monday - Gousto meal - Classic Hot Dog With Sweet Onions And Cheesy Fries. Stu is not getting out of cooking on a Monday, he is going to make this. hehehe I would have left it until later in the week but it had a short use by date on the sausages.
Tuesday - Gousto meal - Beef Meatball & Tomato Farfalle.
WednesdaySome sort of salad, I am planning to go to the farm shop to get some fresh bits and hopefully they will have some lovely cooked meat too.
ThursdayGousto meal - Plant-Based Chick'n Pie With Mash And Green Beans. I am very interested to try this as I have never had meat free chicken before and it looks so strange. It looks like really pale doner kebab slices. I'm not telling my family it's meat free, I want to see if they notice. hehehe
Friday - Pizza, out of the freezer!
Saturday - Sticky Honey Mustard Posh Dogs With Chips. This is our favourite meal from Gousto!
Sunday - Quiche and salad.

What are you eating this week?


  1. I love cabbage; how did they fix it? #MMBC

    1. I have no idea but it is so good! I am going to ask the chef next time I see him. x

  2. Our tastes definitely change as we get older. I love things now that I wouldn't have touched as a youngster. Glad you enjoyed your pub lunch.

  3. Pub lunch looks delicious and yummy crumble! Yes, staying out of the kitchen when it's hot is a good goal.

  4. We're having burgers/hot dogs tonight with salad and a pasta salad, I know one day this week we're having spinach ravioli since Alec who doesn't like it won't be home but other than that I can't remember anything that I had planned to make!

  5. On our menu this week is:
    Sausages, Mash and Veg
    Steak, Chips and Salad
    Chicken Kiev with rice, chips and salad
    Roast Lamb
    Beef Shnitzels with pesto roast salad
    Butter Chicken with coconut rice

    All soul food for winter :)

  6. Yummy meal plan! I do think our taste changes as we get older. I used to loathe sprouts, but I love them now lol! x