Sunday 16 June 2024

Week 24 of #Project365 9th - 15th June. A photo every day for a year!

 I have spent this week looking forward to the weekend. The Euro's starting, a cinema trip for the girls, a Saturday evening with my family and of course Father's Day today! I hope you all have a wonderful time with your dad's, if you are a dad I hope you are spoilt rotten and sending love and hugs to those who no longer have their dad's with them. We will be going to see my dad today which I am really looking forward to.

I am sat here writing this yesterday morning, stressing about parcels. I ordered a gift for my dad which was supposed to arrive on Friday and it didn't arrive but I finally got a text saying it's arriving sometime over the next couple of hours! Phew and my Gousto box isn't set to arrive until 17:45 and 19:45. We were supposed to be eating one of the meals for tea! Oh well, I am sure if it gets too late I will find something else to make.

Now for a photo every day!

Old Mout and tomato plants
The sky
Bridgerton and flowers
Gel nails and trooping the colour

161/365 - 9th June
Old Mout Cider, this is Becky's favourite drink from the pub and she has realised she can buy it in cans. Her theory was that she can enjoy a couple sat in the garden when it is sunny. hahaha! We would need some sunshine for that.

162/365 - 10th June
My tomatoes are growing! Not as big as the one's my dad has but they're still doing well. I keep thinking they should be turning red but then remembering that they are not cherry tomatoes they are going to grow bigger before they turn red.

163/365 - 11th June
This is not June weather! Where is the sunshine and I am so over all of this rain! Sort yourself out weather I have lots of summer clothes to wear!

164/365 - 12th June
I finally started watching Bridgerton and I understand the hype now! It is such a great show. I am onto the 2nd season now and I think I am going to slow down with the speed I am watching as I read yesterday there will be no more new episodes until 2026! 

165/365 - 13th June
These flowers did so well! When I took this photo they were two weeks old. They were nothing fancy, I ordered them with my grocery shop from Asda. 

166/365 - 14th June
I have been using normal nail polish for a few months but found the time to use my gel nail set. I love the colour that I have on at the moment, it's almost red but almost orange too. When I had them under the lamp they did look neon orange which was a bit of a surprise. 

167/365 - 15th June
I watched Trooping the Colour. I do love watching it, all the pomp and ceremony. It was lovely to see Princess Kate there too.

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  1. I love Bridgerton although both Benedict this season, and Francesca's upcoming season in future look like they'll be totally off from the books for the purpose of diversity. It's already annoying a lot of fans who liked Francesca's book the best, and now they'll have to totally change it. Big disappointment. I haven't watched Trooping of the Colour since I was about 10 I don't think, but I'm sure they'll show it on Googlebox. That's quite often where I see random tv shows

  2. I usually buy Chrysanthemums because they last so long. After a week I wash their stems and change the water. After another week I cut a bit from the stem and change the water again. I had flowers keeping for 3 weeks, which is fantastic.

    Well done for growing tomatoes, they are lovely. I would have watched the Trooping the Colour, but I was on my way back from France. I saw the Princess on social media, it's amazing that she is doing well. It must be such a difficult time for them.

  3. I will look out for the Old Mout Cider next time I am in the UK. I love fruity ciders. Big Bridgerton fan here too. It's great escapism.

  4. I find your activities interesting as I'm not familiar with some. I hope the sun comes out to help your tomatoes grow. #MMBC

  5. I had to print a photo of the gift for my stepdad since I thought it said that it would be in June 11th and it's not coming in until JULY 11! Luckily he doesn't mind waiting since he really, really wanted the chair I picked out. Your tomatoes are doing so well. Yay you!

  6. I never worry about gifts arriving on time these days. If I want something for a set date, I buy it from a shop and deliver it in person. Love the nails, they do look more orange than red under the light. The weather has been awful hasn't it?

  7. Hope Becky has been able to enjoy sitting in the garden with her cans of cider now that we have had some sunny weather and you’ve been able to wear some of your summer clothes! Those flowers lasted well. Hope your dad’s gift arrived in time. #project365