Sunday 9 June 2024

Week 23 of #Project365 2nd - 8th June. A photo every day for a year!

Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a good day! We are having a lazy one at home, no lunch out for us today as we're trying to save some pennies for some things that we have planned next month. We have had a quiet weekend so far, yesterday I caught up on the housework, unpacked a huge Shein order that we had made, got our Gousto order delivered and still found time to write a few blog posts.

The girls have kept me on my toes this week, I have felt quite stressed but everything has calmed down now and life feels back to normal. I am thinking I was already stressed without realising it, it was exam time for Ellie and she just sails through them when I do all the worrying, they were in the back of my mind and then when other things were added I felt it. Everything is good now and I feel like we're heading into summer and it's going to be a good one. We have a lot to look forward to

Now for a photo every day!

Me and workmen outside
My eldest and I and Pringles
Spotify and Shein order

154/365 - 2nd June
All dressed up for lunch at the pub! I love this dress from Shein, I got it in a size bigger and it is perfect for the summer as it's so light and airy. I got so excited the day before when it was delivered thinking it was my whole Shein order but they only sent a few things.

155/365 - 3rd June
More workmen outside! I don't even know what they were doing this time. They weren't the water board but were working near where they had been the other week. Then on Friday next door was getting work done, sawing and drilling. I didn't mind, I was up anyway but it did me a favour and woke the girls. I didn't have to do any nagging at all. lol

156/365 - 4th June
Rain! About 20 minutes before this I did think about putting washing out on the line. Both neighbours had some out so I thought it was going to stay dry. I am glad I got lazy and didn't bother! It chucked it down for a couple of hours.

157/365 - 5th June
Bingo with Becky. We had a fab night. A lovely meal and between us we won a free drink and £15 which meant it cost us nothing to pay bingo. I think we did well to win as it was quite busy. I liked it better when there was just a handful of other people playing bingo, it upped our chances of winning.

158/365 - 6th June
Tomato Ketchup Pringles! Stu saw someone with them at work and knew I would love them so he found out they were from Heron Foods and got me some! They are nice, they just taste like the Walkers/Leys ketchup crisps. I have asked him to get me more as I have almost finished this tube.

159/365 - 7th June
The girls have been listening to new music on a Friday for the last couple of months and it was finally my week to get excited with Bon Jovi's new album, Forever being released. I like it! 

160/365 - 8th June
My Shein order finally arrived, I would like to say I have waited ages but it's only been just over a week but it has felt like forever. It had something for everyone, t-shirts for Becky & Stu, a few outfits for Ellie and some for me.

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  1. My daughter has been ordering Canadian ketchup crisps from Amazon. I haven't tried them yet.

  2. That dress is lovely! Might have to give the ketchup pringles a try....not seem them around but then haven't been out much. We have had rain on and off and never know whether to put the washing out or not!

  3. Nice dress. I struggle because so many places just don't have my size, or combine larger sizes then they're either too big or too small. You've inspired me to go and find their album now - it's great, love a bit of Bon Jovi.

  4. I love your dress, you look fab!
    Oh god, don't tell Jayden about those Pringles! He's going to want to try those.
    The rain is crazy isn't it. It's poured down all day here and it feels more like autumn. xx