Sunday 2 June 2024

Week 22 of #Project365 26th May - 1st June. A photo every day for a year!

How is it June already! I say it every month but last month flew over! Now the weather just needs to play catch up and start acting like it's almost summer although if the weather forecast is correct today should be warm and dry! For the last couple of days I've had my fleecy pj's on and a blanket over me. That isn't right for this time of year.

We have had a good week and what made it even better was that Stu got paid for all the overtime he has been made to do over the last month. The extra has been put straight into the savings. We moan about the mandatory overtime and at the time seem to forget that it means extra money. Ellie has had a nice week off college, not really doing much apart from watching Grey's Anatomy she is ready for the final few weeks at college, finishing off her work and one last assessment. Becky has had a great time at work now that a new person has came onto the night shift, everyone is working as a team and me, I've just been plodding on with life quite happily!

Now for a photo every day!

The sun shining
Me and a newsreader in town
Trainer socks and plants
Milkshake and Eminem song

147/365 - 26th May
The sun came out and it was lovely out the back of our house, out of the front it was grey and rainy.

148/365 - 27th May
Just me. I loved this dress that I had on, another from Primark. I am sure they have changed their sizes. I used to be an extra large, now I am a large. I haven't lost that much weight but going into a smaller size makes me feel happy!

149/365 - 28th May
The girls and I were in town and saw tv cameras and we soon realised it was Peter Levy off our local news. We rushed home to watch the news and saw he was talking about the proposed National Service.

150/365 - 29th May
These are the best trainer socks. From Primark, in the men's section. My feet don't sweat in them and they have a little padded bit at the back where my trainer usually rubs on my heel.

151/365 - 30th May
My plants are doing so well, I think it's almost time to move them into bigger pots (again) and see if they survive outside.

152/365 - 31st May
This caramel latte milkshake is the same as iced coffee but without the faff. Becky and I have added ice to it and it is so good!

153/365 - 1st June
I was scrolling through TikTok yesterday morning and there were two sets of people, those deeply offended by Eminem's new song Houdini and then people who are old enough to know that is not the most offensive song that Eminem has released in his career. I love his new song and the video to go with it!

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  1. A photo every day for a year! I love that! New here! I'll be following along!

  2. The weather has been proper random! We had a really sunny day today so the BBQ came out! Made the most of it because I bet it doesn't last for long.
    I love your dress, looking very pretty and summery! :)
    And your plants are doing so well. I've got a bit of potting to do this week. xx

  3. I'm glad you had a good week.I hope the weather stays nice and warm for you. Just reading about the blanket made me cold. #MMBC

  4. Might have to give that caramel latte a try! The plants certainly look like they are doing well, agree they probably could do with repotting.