Saturday 8 June 2024

This week my Word of the Week is: Stressed! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


Both of my girls have had me stressed this week, just when I think I am plodding on with life quite happily with no worries they go and throw a spanner in the works. Nothing bad has happened it's just been on of those weeks where they have given me a few more grey hairs than usual. 

Becky has had some issues in her love life which I am not going to go into but it was a whole drama for a couple of days for the two of them and their families. They went through the "it's complicated" relationship status but things are good again now. Phew! The air has been cleared on both sides and deep conversations have been had. 

On Wednesday it was Bingo night at the pub as usual but this time it was just Becky and I. Usually Becky gets someone else to shout if she wins as she feels too shy but I told her I was not going to do that and she had to put her big girl pants on and shout loud and proud, she was so stressed but ended up winning a line and shouted! She was so proud of herself and so was I! I love bingo but sometimes get so stressed playing if I an waiting for a number, on Wednesday I was waiting for 4 numbers for 4 different lines. I didn't win the line but of course the next number called after someone had shouted for a win was one of mine! Gutted! I did end up winning £15 later on so it wasn't all bad.

Snapchat has stressed me out! Up until this week I have never had it and Becky convinced me to sign up. It is so confusing and I don't really see the point of it yet but Ellie it's the only social media thing that Ellie uses so I can at least keep an eye on what she's up to. I've been told I have to Snapchat Becky every day to get a streak, apparently they are a big thing. I feel old, it's just one more thing for me not to understand about the younger generation. lol

On Thursday all Ellie had to do was go to college, do her English exam, leave college straight away and get the bus home to go to her dentist appointment. Of course things are not that easy when you're a teenager! She took her headphones for some unknown reason and gave them to someone to look after and then had to find that person to get them back. I needed to know if she would make her bus and of course she didn't answer her phone or texts! Why do teenagers always have their phones on silent!! She eventually rang back to say she missed her bus, she did see it leaving the bus station but wasn't quite quick enough. Ugh! I rang the dentist to apologise and they were actually fine with it. She's booked in for later in the month. At least now her last exam is done so that's one less thing to stress about!

Last week Karen from Cats, Kids, Chaos messaged me about someone with the same name as me offering guest/sponsored posts and this week the lovely ladies from Joleisa had a similar message. The other Kim and I just seem to have the same full name even though I thought it was pretty uncommon. From what I can gather they are not pretending to be me, they're just using a name that people trust and people assume it is me. Earlier in the year it really stressed me out but there's not much I can do apart from let people know it's not me and it is not associated with me in anyway! My biggest worry is that they don't pay for the posts they are offering and people come chasing me but I have emails and messages from people going back months to defend myself if I have to.

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one!

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  1. Bingo is so fun, I like playing it but choose not to play locally as my Ex's Mum goes and we live in a small town. She never liked me and I don't need to give her more reasons to talk about me but we did go to a Bingo fundraiser last week which was fun!

    Also, me and my family are more instagram users, but do have snapchat. my partner and I snap each other at work and have a streak of 50+ now. My kids hide all their stories and that.. apparently I can follow them but its not cool to follow your parents. My daughter (15yo) dolls herself up for what I call cat-fish photos that look nothing like her but at least she's having fun!

    I'm really enjoying your blog but remember, stress is a choice, try and find the blessings in your day. The joy and happiness.. it's there.. we just gotta look dharder some days!

  2. Some weeks are more stressful than others. You certainly seem to have had your share this week. Good for Beckie finding her voice at Bingo. No holding her back now. No idea with teens and phones. I have noticed that if I don't reply straight away, my three message each other to check where I am and why I'm not answering. When it's the other way round, I just have to wait for them to reply. I got one of those emails approaching me about sponsored posts from you, but I knew it wasn't really you so ignored it. Hope Ellie's exam went well.

  3. I did see about your name being used in e-mails, hopefully people who get them will realise it isn't actually you as they have already. I'm sorry Ellie stressed you out with her dentist appointment. I think our kids are sent to stress us no matter what age they are. Fingers crossed for a less stressful week for you next week xx

  4. Kids do love to give us extra grey hair don't they! I haven't seen your name being used but I will keep an eye out now I know. Hope next week is less stressful. Karen Early Rising Mum

  5. You have been through it mate. I'm a stress head though, so I do get it.
    Good for Becky shouting out, it's a big thing to do when you are shy. I hope this week is a better one for you. xx

  6. When life is packed with lots of family activities, it can easily become stressful. Sorry about the dental appointment. I have my fingers crossed for this week.