Saturday 22 June 2024

This week my Word of the Week is: Football! WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I always say I am not a football fan but then something like the World Cup or the Euro's happen and I am hooked! I have seen nearly every match and considering I am not a football fan I have heard of a lot of the players. From what I see a lot play for teams in the English Premiership for teams like Man City and Arsenal. 

The Turkey v Georgia match has been my favourite so far, Stu has Georgia in his works sweepstake so I was cheering them on and they did so well considering they are only in the tournament because they did well in the UEFA Nations League. (I make it sound like I know what I'm talking about but I really don't). lol They're the underdogs so have nothing to lose and they really did give it their all. They even sent the goalkeeper down to the other end of the pitch near the end of the match to help out with a corner, it all went wrong and Turkey got the ball and had a free run to the goal, the Georgia's goalkeeper couldn't catch up. I am gutted they lost.

As much as I like the football I like some of the drama that goes on like the players arguing with the referee. France's Mbappe had a bit of an accident breaking his nose when he hit someone's shoulder and he went back onto the pitch holding his nose and sat down. The referee wasn't happy as he saw it as time wasting and gave him a yellow card. Eek! Going forward if he plays he will have to wear a protective mask.

On Wednesday, our usual bingo night we ended up going to the pub anyway. The staff were umming and ahhing about the bingo going ahead as it was just the usual's in but about 10 minutes before the Scotland match kicked off the pub started to fill up so there was definitely no bingo. Hmmf. We watched the match in-between chatting and still had a good night.

Becky always says she's not interested in the football but has seen quite a few of the matches too. She was sat at work watching one with a resident and for once she knew what she was talking about as it was Portugal and knows all about Cristiano Ronaldo. hehehe We have realised this tournament is probably the last time that we will see him play as I am sure he said he wouldn't be playing in a World cup again.

It's the moments around the football which I like, some Scottish fans helping an old man in the rain holding an umbrella over him. A little German bar selling a couple months worth of beer in one day. The Scottish fans singing their national anthem before their match on Wednesday! They were loud. The ground staff trying to stop the stadium flooding when it absolutely chucked it down and of course seeing all the fans having a lot of fun.

I will be sat here watching the football for the next few weeks, obviously wanting England to win all of their matches. They were abysmal on Thursday evening, they didn't deserve the draw. I could have done a better job of passing the ball. I did laugh at the likes of Alan Sherer getting angry talking about the game but still having to be professional. He looked furious! It still looks like we're thought to the next round though. Phew! I can't imagine that "Football is Coming Home" though, not after how they've played so far. Eek!

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one!

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  1. I think that's how it is with many sports - you're not really bothered but when the big lead-up to a championship comes around, everyone is glued to the telly!

  2. I also don't follow football and then when it's the World Cup or some important tournament I become the biggest fan and cheer for Australia like crazy! Oh dear, the poor player getting a yellow card when he wasn't faking--oops!

  3. I am rooting for Georgia too. Also for England, Romania, and Ukraine (no specific order). I was glad Romania won against Ukraine, but I would have been happy with a draw or Ukrainian win. UA won the next one, which was great. England's play is not as good as it was before, I hope they will pull themselves together.

    PS. I had some issues commenting, but I hope it works now.

  4. I think you'd have to be blind to not have seen any football this week....or not own a television or computer, lol. I have watched a few matches. Last nights was a bit eventful...poor Scotland, but I really feel for that poor Hungarian guy who got hurt, I do hope he makes a full recovery. xx

  5. I’ve not watched any of the football at all although I have seen a lot on social media about how poorly England have been playing! It sounds like you’ve watched some interesting matches though. Glad you enjoyed watching football at the pub. We went to the pub after rehearsal this week and they were showing the matches so we ended up sitting outside instead. The little moments around the football sound interesting too. #WotW