Tuesday 9 April 2024

Share our Lives - Favourite Make up and Hair products.

I am not massively into make up and hair products and did think about skipping this month's Share Our Lives link up. It's not because I don't use make up and hair products but because mine are pretty basic and I don't spend a lot on them! There's nothing fancy here!

Assorted make up brushes

Dry shampoo!
I am not fussed about the brand but I do like to have some in the house for those days between washes when my hair needs a bit of a boost! I didn't use dry shampoo for years because I didn't think you could on coloured hair, I feel silly now. Dry shampoo has to be better for my hair than washing it an extra time in the week.

Willy Wonka Wonka Bar Eyeshadow Palette!
I got the Sheglam Willy Wonka Wonka Bar Eyeshadow Palette off Shein for my birthday late last year and I love the colours! They are all chocolate coloured and are chocolate scented too! They are my sort of colour.

PS. Vitamin Enriched Moisturising Primer - Primark - £4.50.

I have only just started using primer thanks to my youngest raving about it. This vitamin enriched primer does wonders for my skin with the help of vitamins E, C, and Niacinamide. Formulated to ensure my skin's moisture barrier is protected before I put make up on. It's key ingredients include oat oil and shea butter to ensure essential hydration is maintained all day long!

Eyebrow pencils.
When I was a teenager I overplucked my eyebrows and fashion and looks change and the pencil line thin eyebrow is not fashionable anymore and my poor eyebrows did suffer. They've never grown back properly and are thin in places and need filling in. I think I got my last one from the supermarket along with the food shop. 

I always used to be really bad at removing make up at the end of the day and struggled to get my eye make up off especially until I discovered this product. It is great for getting waterproof mascara off!

Directions Hair Colour!

Directions Hair Colour

I have blogged about Directions Hair Colour in the past, I do love their hair dyes. They have some amazing colours which really last and when applying don't stain your skin! My favourite colours are Pillarbox Red and Flamingo Pink. How my hair turns out is always a surprise, I do think it depends on how much of the old colour is left. 

Elvive Colour Protect shampoo and Conditioner.
With dying my hair I need a shampoo and conditioner to protect it and keep the colour from fading and at the moment this one is my favourite. I leaves my hair so soft and keeps the frizz to a minimum.

I do love a bright lipstick which usually matches my hair so I have a lot of pink and red one's and most of those have came from the pound shops. With lipsticks costing just £1 I have never expected much but some of them really last well and don't leave my lips feeling dry!

What are your favourite beauty products?

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  1. I only use make up when I'm going out and that's not often. I do like a nice primer though. I've decided not to dye my hair anymore because the process is too hard for me either at home or the hairdressers. So I guess I'll be going grey. I'm looking forward to finding some products to enhance the grey though.

  2. Maybe I would start wearing make up if it smelled like chocolate! YUM!!!

  3. I haven't used a dry shampoo in ages; now that I don't use whole lot of products I can go a few days between washing without any worries but my sons both use a few and we've been experimenting with different brands to find ones we like best.

  4. I do like using dry shampoo from time to time. I don't have a favorite and I seem to buy a different one each time.

  5. I am the same way with my eyebrows! I will I had my full eyebrows from my teen years!

  6. Dry shampoo is popular in my house. Thanks for linking up with us.