Saturday 13 April 2024

This week my Word of the Week is: Spring! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


This past week has felt like spring has sprung, it has been dramatically warmer here, we have got the garden sorted and I feel like I have a spring in my step!

It has been so much warmer here over the past week, it has still rained a lot but I suppose we are in April so showers are expected. hehehe At least when it hasn't been raining we have been able to go out without coats! We saw my brother on Thursday and knew it was warm, he was working without his usual overalls on. lol

Over the weekend Stu and I got to work in the back garden, he cut the grass and I did the digging ready to plant things. Last year I had my fruit and veg plants in one part of the garden and they didn't really thrive, I don't think they were getting enough sun so I have just planted flowers in that bed and have the longer/bigger parts ready for the seeds that I have planted.

The windows have all been opened and stay open until the kids complain or too many bugs come in, the joys of the warmer weather. There seems so many ladybirds around at the moment and what is with the bee's, they seem extra huge and buzzy this year. So far I haven't seen many wasps so that is a good thing, last year we had a nest and they terrorized me!

I have been packing most of my fleecy pj's away until later in the year. I am finding it impossible to sleep in them now, I am back to my thinner one's and t-shirts. During the week I ended up getting up in the middle of the night to change out of them into something cooler and to make sure the bedroom window was open. Becky got up for her night shift early during the week as she was sweating in bed, she has fleecy blankets and hadn't thought of opening her window. Lesson learned, she has changed her bedding and the window has been opened a little and since then she has found it much easier to sleep.

I feel like I have had a spring in my step over the last week, I don't know if it's the warmer weather or the fact I have had a bit of a social media break. I've still been on Twitter, FB and Insta but just not as much. I have been busy with real life and that has taken a back seat. The first thing I used to do on a morning was switch my laptop on, share my daily blog post and have a scroll but now I am doing a bit of real life before I even think about switching my laptop on and I feel better for it.

Stu is back at work after a week off which has been hard for him, it always takes him a bit of time to get back into a routine. He's had the added drama of his bank card stopping working. He is due to get a new one in a few months and it has been temperamental for the last few months, it totally gave up on Thursday. A cashless society is a great thing until things like this happen, he did have money in his wallet but the bus driver let him on the bus for free. A new card should be here next week, phew!

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one!

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  1. It has felt like spring here too, this week. I'm loving having the windows and doors open. I'm yet to see a wasp, but we do have lots of bees and various types of flies. Good plan with the social media. I've pretty much given up with Twitter except for school. Thinking about it, I only use social media for set things now, making it easier not to lose time on it. That's annoying that Stu's card played up. It's amazing how many places don't take cash. Don't get me started on car parks. What a kind bus driver. Hope the good weather continues for you.

  2. I have two sets of pyjamas under my pillow at the moment. The other night it dropped to 13ÂșC which is freezing for us so I pulled out the winter pyjamas and the thick socks then the next night it was warm so I wore the shorts and T-shirt pj's. How nice for you guys to have some lovely spring weather coming your way after the long (much colder than ours) winter!

  3. Spring is here too! It's lovely with the sun shining, the garden is all freshly mowed and it's going to be a beautiful day.

  4. I always worry about it being a cashless society, I don't really go out anywhere though so having cash is pointless. Tempted to hide a few notes under my mattress though, you know, just in case! I hope Stu's new card arrives promptly. It's felt spring like here today but I think the rain has definitely been taking over. Good luck with the planting. xx

  5. Spring does appear to have sprung at last! I've put the summer duvet on and put my Oodie away for now! I've also tried to cut down on social media and find something else to do instead be it reading or even colouring! Karen Early Rising Mum

  6. It definitely feels like spring now, we'v already mowed the lawn twice and I'm just off to the garden centre to buy some vegetable plants.

    Happy gardening! I'm looking forward to seeing which vegetables you grow :)


  7. It has definitely been warmenr here too, although today (Monday) we had proper hail, and lots of it too! I am glad you got out and into the garden and also got on with normal life. How fun to be able to do what needs to be done but also what makes you happy. I hope Stu gets back into his routine soon too.All the best for the week ahead.

  8. So glad you've been enjoying doing more real life things before turning on the laptop! I'm also happy to read about the weather. Ours has also been warmer but this week we're supposed to barely get daytime temps above 10°C.

  9. Spring has definitely arrived! It has been nice to have some warmer weather. Lovely to get outside and work in the garden too. Hope your flowers and veg grow well this year. I know what you mean about feeling better for getting a break from social media. Glad Stu managed to get on the bus with his bank card not working – hope his new one has arrived now. #WotW