Sunday 21 April 2024

Week 16 of #Project365 14th - 20th April. A photo every day for a year!

Happy Sunday! I hope it is a nice, relaxed one for you, like Sunday's should be. I feel like I have such a busy week. I feel like I haven't spent much time on my laptop at all, I forgot to link up with Project 365 last weekend and only got around to commenting on those who did yesterday. Oops.

We are having a real family weekend, it's Becky's weekend off work and she's staying home to watch the start of Britain's Got Talent and we're all off out for lunch today. I really want the weather to be nice but I doubt it will be, at least it's not supposed to rain! I am so sick of this weather, we had a nice couple of days a couple of weeks ago and I thought that was the start of it warming up. Nope, Stu said there was hailstones in Hull earlier on in the week and we've had the heating on a couple of times as we've been so cold. Come on weather, sort yourself out!

Now for a photo every day!

Chocolate bunny and milkshake
Smashed peppers
Jon Bon Jovi and tidy cupboards
Bananas and the sky

105/365 - 14th April
Forgotten about chocolate is the best. hehehe I found this hidden away, it was mine but I thought one of the kids had eaten it.

106/365 - 15th April
Ellie went a bit extra with her milkshake and got all the cream and toppings. Best milkshake ever!

107/365 - 16th April
I took a photo of my smashed peppers expecting to have to prove they were damaged to Gousto. I didn't they just took my word for it and said here have £2 credit. 

108/365 - 17th April
Jon Bon Jovi on the TV. It seemed like such a treat as he is rarely on TV giving interviews. He is promoting his new documentary which arrives on Disney+ on Friday.

109/365 - 18th April
My cupboards are still organised a week after I tidied them. I am trying to be a real grown up and not just stuff everything in. hehehe

110/365 - 19th April
My dad was given a load of bananas so passed some on to me. They need using up so I am making some banana muffins this afternoon.

111/365 - 20th April
There's blue sky there, hidden under all the grey clouds. At least it's not raining.

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  1. That milkshake looks amazing, bet it was a bit sickly though

  2. Cadbury's Dairy Milk, divine!

  3. Ooh I miss Easter chocolate! Good find. That milkshake looks amazing. We're on banana muffin making here too as N's discovered them so now bananas never get eaten. Must look up that Bon Jovi documentary as I think my Disney+ trial is still live.

  4. Forgotten choccie is the best and oh my god, look at that milkshake! It looks amazing.
    I saw Bon Jovi on GMB the other day and thought of you.
    You have been busy with your cupboards. I've started to sort our chest of drawers out. I've got so much stuff just crammed in them haha! xx

  5. You always seem to have such yummy treats in your house!
    Hailstones in Hull? Who would believe it? ;-)

  6. I feel the same way about our weather; each time it gets sunny and warm and I think spring is finally here it gets cloudy, and cold, and awful all over again!

  7. Always love it when find forgotten about chocolate! That milkshake looks delish! I wish my cupboards were that organised!

  8. I'm glad you told that me that was Jon Bon Jovi, I thought it was John Noakes. Ellie's milkshake looks delicious. Well done keeping the cupboards sorted

  9. That milkshake looks yummy! I am also now craving a banana muffin

  10. Ellie’s milkshake looks amazing. So nice to have organised cupboards. Hope you enjoyed the banana muffins. #project365