Tuesday 16 April 2024

Thinking about getting a pet!

About once every 6 months or so for the last 18 years one or both of my girls have asked if we can get a pet. It used to be Guinea pig's or hamsters and over the last 5 years or so they have asked for a cat and most recently a dog. Becky has been scared of dogs since she was about 3 years old so the thought of getting one has never been a thing but a few weeks ago Becky ended up dog-sitting for someone and now she is the one asking for a dog.

a dog and a cat laying in the grass

I have always said no to getting a pet, my thought is if the girls can't keep their rooms tidy or do what they're supposed to in life without me nagging they are not responsible enough for a pet. Becky did remind me that she's 21 now, almost the same age as I was when I had her so a pet should be no problem. Eek! So that excuse was not going to wash anymore. I had to come up with more excuses and Becky had an answer for everything and her arguments and what she came up with were pretty convincing. lol

Pets take up a lot of time, require attention, love and care. They need you to walk them, feed them and spend time with them. They are not something that you can have a day off from but on the flipside I am always complaining that I get bored when I am home alone and could do with something to keep me company. The walks would be good too, at the start of the year I was great for going out for a walk but I have been skipping days here and there, with a dog I would have to go out at least a few times a day. We live in a fantastic area which has a lot of places suitable for dog walking which I would like to explore.

Pets can cost a lot of money. Vet bills, food, grooming, insurance and all the necessary accessories, it adds up quickly. Becky said she would pay for most of it but like I reminded her dogs can live long lives so she might not want that responsibility in a few years time.

We wouldn't just be able to have a spur of the moment day out or holiday unless it was dog friendly. We would be tied to our home but it's not like we go on holiday every year or have many days out. Going on dog friendly holidays do look like fun, especially one's out in the countryside.

It has got me thinking how a dog could fit into our lives. I am not ready to get one at the moment, it needs a lot more thought but it is something that could happen in the future, I am not saying it's a firm no! If we do get a dog I think it would have to be a rescue dog. When I was a child and teenager we have several dogs and cats over the years and they were all rescued but that is a whole different blog post. 

Do you have a pet? What convinced you to get one?


  1. We do not have pets currently but we've had many in the past. Now that we've been pet-less for a few years though I'm not sure I even want any pets again. I love not having to worry about them when we travel and did find that the cost of ownership just keeps going up and up the older pets get; our cat started needing special food, daily medication, and more frequent vet visits. So I just focus on enjoying other people's pets instead.

  2. We are pet people! We have dogs, five of them to be exact. Three are ours, and two are our sons', but they pay and care for them on their own. Personally, I believe the good things about owning a dog far outweigh the negative things about being pet owners, even the fact that you're tied down to the house more. They bring us so much joy, and since our sons are all grown now, I can't imagine life without them. I say go for it, my friend!

  3. We have a dog. Vic wanted one for quite some time, but I always resisted because I worked full-time and didn't want to leave him/her at home alone. Once I retired, that argument was no longer an issue. We adopted a dog from the local humane society, Vic just fell in love with him and kind of ignored the fact that they told us he was super reactive to other dogs and wouldn't be able to go to a dog park or to a dog-friendly establishment. I guess he felt we could overcome that. Fast forward six months and we're no closer to getting him to be less reactive. After some pet training, that didn't really address the reactivity, we'll have to move on to private training to work with him. So, along with the vet bills, food, grooming, flea/tick medications, and as you say, all the necessary accessories, we're going to add private training to the expenses. He's such a sweet dog at home with us, I really hope the training helps him.

  4. You are doing exactly what you should be doing, thinking of everything before getting a dog. There is a long term commitment and everything you mentioned is very important to consider before getting a pet.