Thursday 11 April 2024

Things that I collect which I don't really need.

 A little while ago I saw a post from Jennifer over at Jennifer's Little World about the things that she collects but doesn't need. Those sort of things that we just can't help collecting and keeping and it got me thinking about those things too.

Candles, wires, bubble bath

These are the things that I collect which I don't really need.

Wires and Cables.
Every time we throw away anything electrical and it has a spare wire or cable I keep it. Charging wires, extension cables, cables for the TV and random wires from game consoles. We have a bag of them and I have no idea what most of them are for but I daren't throw them away in case we need them in the future.

Kitchen Gadgets.
The vegetable chopper seemed like a brilliant idea at the time but it is useless. I have a box full of cookie cutters that I've not used in years, tons of skewers, ice cream scoops which I've never used and a salad spinner. A garlic press which is a faff and a cheese grater that cuts my hand every time I use it. They are just taking up space in the cupboard but I might use them one day.

Birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day and all sorts of other cards get kept. Some of them are really special, from people who are no longer here but then others I could throw out but at the same time they hold special memories too.

I have more candles than I could ever use. I have my favourites which do get used all of the time and then the one's that are just pretty to look at without burning them and then those which I just haven't got around to using yet and goodness knows when I will.

Excess Paperwork
Receipts, old bills, hospital letters and general paperwork from years ago. I'm not talking about from the last few years I am talking about 10+ years. I did have a good clear of it a little while ago but there are some things that I kept just in case that I need them again. I probably won't but you never know.

Paint covered clothes.
I have a set of clothes for when I am doing any painting but then I have some jumpers, t-shirts and leggings that are covered in paint too but I refuse to throw them out in case I am decorating in the future and it takes more than one set of clothes. 

We have so many in the kitchen cupboard but I refuse to throw any of them out. They are all special to me or my family in certain ways. Some were bought or received as gifts, some were mementoes of special events and some are just our favourites.

I have a problem, I have too many ornaments in the living room but I refuse to part with any and now and again I will buy more. They are a chore when it comes to dusting, I don't need as many as I do but they make me happy.

Bottles of bubble bath.
I have so many in the bathroom and people keep buying me more on special occasions. Some of them are in fancy bottles which are now just decorative as I am sure they are well past their use by dates. They are just one more thing in the house which I have to dust. lol

Odd socks.
I seem to be collecting odd socks. They were obviously a pair once but I have thrown the other out if it had a hole in or the other has just got lost somehow. I don't mind wearing odd socks, over the winter I have been wearing boots most days so people don't see my socks. Now when I wear a matching pair my family always seem surprised. 

What do you collect which you don't really need?


  1. Ha ha, I could add many of these to my list too! We have so many cables but that's my husband's department, I just shove any that I find lying about into one of the three collection points that he has around the house. Mugs too, and they are all too sentimental to get rid of.

  2. Oh my goodness Kim, I never thought of it like that. Lol. You are so right here. Your list reminds me of me.
    Visiting today from #MMBC

  3. I think most of us collect many of these things! I collect Christmas ornaments and Royal Mail presentation packs. I managed to cull my mug collection to those I wanted to save like commemorative mugs and those we used every day.

  4. Cables yes! I'm always waging a war on mugs and old paperwork although it's not that bad, Martyns paperwork was the worst! X

  5. Haha! I could have wrote this list! We have so many random cables in our house it's untrue.
    I always wear odd socks hehe. I even buy them that way!
    I have far too many wax melts and notebooks. But I like them so I don't care. Hehe xxx

  6. I'm sure the washing machine swallows up socks!!

  7. I have so many glass jars, including candle jars and washed-out pickle jars. It's becoming unmanageable!

  8. I love this, I think I'm much the same. I have boxes and bags of wires which are all tangled too, wants to sort them. I do have some cards but I only keep the real special ones, I have loads of baking tools in one of my kitchen cupboards from when I used to bake cakes and cookies all the time. Paper work, yes, candles, yes, odd socks, oh yes. Mugs, not really because I drop them a lot but I did use to collect mugs at one point and I have a few that have never been used. And I've never had ornaments, my Mum used to have loads and keeping them clean was a pain. I wish I still had them though, she had some proper antiques, or rather they would be now. xx

  9. The things I collect that I don't really need are cardboard cereal and cracker boxes that I tell myself I will use in my crafting but never actually have the time to craft with them. I also collect magazines that I've already read through for the same reason. But, we did just go through a bunch of my pile of magazines for a family vision board/collage for the future. So, I'll call that a win! :) Thank you for sharing!