Sunday 7 April 2024

Week 14 of #Project365 31st March - 6th April. A photo every day for a year!

Happy Sunday! I hope you all have a nice relaxed day! We don't have much on today, I did all the housework and gardening yesterday so I think today will be mostly sat, complaining about my achy back while catching up on the first night of Wrestlemania 40! 

We have had a good week with Stu being on holiday from work and Ellie off college, we have indulged ourselves with lots of yummy food and sleeping late. I don't want to get back to a normal routine tomorrow but we need to, I become lazy when my family is home and I have them to help with jobs around the house.

Now for a photo everyday! 

Garlic mushrooms and lighter nights
My girls
Dark and Kinder egg
My youngest and gardening gloves

91/365 - 31st March
We went out for lunch and this was Stu's starter, garlic mushrooms. The sauce was amazing and was cooked from scratch.

92/365 - 1st April
The lighter evenings are here!! I took this at 7pm and it was still light, what a novelty! I have been losing track of time on an evening though, I keep thinking it's about 4pm and it's actually 6pm. Oops.

93/365 - 2nd April
Just my girls. Ellie my youngest is looking too grown up for my liking. We went out for a meal and to the pub quiz.

94/365 - 3rd April
What a difference in weather! It rained off and on for most of the day. It was just after lunchtime when I took this photo and ended up having to put the light on as it was so dark.

95/365 - 4th April
Mini Kinder eggs are good but it's just a shame the kids wouldn't share more with me. Hmmf. To be fair if I had a bag full I wouldn't want to share either.

96/365 - 5th April
Out for another meal, to the all you can eat place in Hull! We love it and we do get our money's worth.

97/365 - 6th April
I got myself some new gardening gloves, hopefully to give me some motivation to get the back garden weeded and dug. It worked, I had it all done in a couple of hours and then enjoyed a nice, long soak in the bath!

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  1. Aww, those garlic mushrooms look amazing!! I love this dish.
    I think it's wonderful to see them grown up, you must be so proud to have such wonderful girls. Good luck with the gardening. xx

  2. Yummy, garlic mushrooms! I'm loving the longer, lighter evenings as well.

  3. The garlic mushrooms look amazing! I love anything with mushrooms in it. I am also enjoying the lighter evenings and the warmer weather.

  4. That sounds a lot like our weekend; we did all our house/yardwork on Saturday and spent Sunday relaxing and complaining about sore muscles. Such a delicious sounding week.

  5. The men of this house like garlic mushrooms but they're definitely not for me. The lighter evenings are so nice, although it does feel too early when I'm sending N off to get sorted for bed after 8.

  6. yuk to the mushrooms, sorry, but no. I'm really enjoying the lighter evenings, not the morning though, I'm waking up too early.

  7. Those garlic mushrooms look amazing. I’m loving the lighter evenings too and can relate to losing track of time with them! Glad the new garden gloves gave you the motivation to get the back garden done. #project365