Saturday 20 April 2024

This week my Word of the Week is: Realised! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


We have had a pretty normal week, Stu and Becky at work and Ellie is back at college which has left me pottering about at home. I don't feel back into a proper routine yet as it was an inset day on Monday which meant we had one last day to enjoy the Easter holidays.

I only went into town on Monday for leggings, to visit the bank and get some superglue but came home with a couple of bags full of bargains. We visited Primark on the right day as there seemed to be so many things reduced. It has taken me years to realise but the smaller Primark in Scunthorpe is better than the bigger one in Hull. Last time I was in the one in Hull there was nothing for me, partly down to the fact they only seem to have extra small and small clothes and partly because they seem to go overboard stocking for the season which meant it was all bikini's, shorts and strappy maxi dresses. Scunthorpe's Primark is more realistic with bigger sizes and clothes for all the seasons, it also has all the themed stuff like Shrek and Lilo & Stitch things. 

There's a shop on Scunthorpe high street which sells a bit of everything. Home things, DIY stuff, bags, purses and decorations. I have always hated it but Stu loves it and I only go in to keep him happy. On Monday Stu realised why I hate it. We were stood there looking for superglue when the man in the shop came and stood at the end of the aisle with his arms folded, looking really intimidating. I nudged Stu and joked that I think he thinks we're stealing. He came closer and said he is watching us. That was enough for me, I said you can watch my ass while I walk out and take my money elsewhere. It was loud enough for other people in the shop to turn and look. I know people stealing from shops is a problem but he was on our case as soon as we walked in the shop. Ellie and Stu followed behind me laughing and couldn't believe what I said to him. I wasn't even sorry!

Ellie had a panic during the week. One of her teachers said that to do the Level 2 of her Engineering course in September everyone has to have a GCSE of 4 in maths and in English. Ellie is resitting her English GCSE next month and hopefully she will pass but it left her worried that she wouldn't be able to progress in college. She put her big girl pants on and spoke to her tutor, telling him that last year she had the chance to move up to Level 2 when her maths was re-marked and she got the pass, without having a pass in her English. She was saying it was unfair. Ellie said she got pretty ranty, raising her voice and being bossy. lol Her tutor soon realised that most of the class only heard half of the conversation that the teacher was having and the criteria for Level 2 only applies to new starters/school leavers. Ellie can still do the level 2 in September regardless of her English result! Phew! 

Becky has been planning to go somewhere in a couple of months, she assumed an event that she's planning to go to was in June but I saw something about it and Googled when it's on this year and it turns out it's a month later than usual. It's a good job she has me to keep her right. lol She might be a grown up but I am glad she still listens to my advice. She has been looking at houses or flats to rent over the last couple of months but has come to the realisation that she would be much better buying. She can buy a house and pay a mortgage for less than rent would cost. She is now on a mission to save to get a decent deposit, she has even turned down nights out to save a few extra pounds. 

I am writing this on Thursday afternoon and I have just realised that I haven't had the food shop delivered today, I haven't even thought about ordering. I am blaming the inset day on Monday knocking me off track with what day it is. Oops.

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one!

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  1. That's pretty offensive behavior on the part of the man in the shop. I'd have taken my business elsewhere too!

  2. Wow! Why? Oh my goodness that is awful to be treated that way. I bet you're not the first to take your business elsewhere. I'm glad you found other bargains in more friendly shops. I had one a bit like that recently who would only show me the cheapest items, so I made them demonstrate all the top of the brand ones and then we left without buying anything. We bought elsewhere. Making assumptions is not a cool move. I'm glad Ellie sorted out the confusion with her English requirement. She really doesn't need that kind of extra pressure during exam period. I was in the same position as Beckie when I bought my first house. Cheaper to buy than rent. Never regretted it. #wotw

  3. I can't believe what happened to you in that shop, what a cheek, I'd have loved to have witnessed your retort. In Birmingham we have the biggest Primark in Europe, and I've never even been! I'm glad Ellie sorted out her course for September and it definitely cheaper to buy than rent these days. I've already got Lucy a saving account for a mortgage, and she's not even noticing the money being paid in. If she doesn't buy somewhere she will be able to spend the money still xx

  4. Oh mate, that guy was out of order! Glad you told him where to go though, what a cheeky sod.
    I can imagine Ellie is relieved now everything is sorted. That must have been a little frustrating.
    Good for Becky saving up, you've got two lovely and very sensible girls there. xx

  5. Good for you with your response to the man in the shop and for taking your business elsewhere. I understand the need to keep an eye on things but there's absolutely no need to be so rude and intimidating to your customers. Well done to Ellie too for speaking to her tutor and what a relief that she can progress however things go with the English GCSE. Good job you checked the dates for the event. Good luck to Becky with saving for a deposit. Oops to forgetting to do the food shop. I get thrown by inset days (and bank holidays!) too. #WotW