Saturday 8 June 2013

Britians Got Talent Final Tonight....

So after the week of the semi-finals it's the final tonight!! Yay!!

There's a wildcard to pick and I think there's going be an awful lot of upset children to try and control on the results show....

Gangnam Style' star Psy has been added the lineup for the Britain's Got Talent final he will perform his new track 'Gentleman' and he joins Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran duetting on their track 'Everything Has Changed'

I think the winners have to be Attraction!! 

Everyone in that final is brilliant in their own way but no act has made the impact that Attraction has.....They even made my fella Stu cry and it takes a lot to make him cry!!

I've read people don't want Attraction to win because they are not British....So what!! Where in the rules does it say you have to be British?

So who do you want to win? 

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  1. I loved the shadow dancers they made me cry lol. I think it's going to be really hard to pick a winner!
    Thanks for visiting my blog jollyjillys as well