Tuesday 18 June 2013

My girls make me laugh! #Funee

My girls are always making me laugh...So I thought I would link up with Actually Mummy & her Wot So Funee? Blog hop and share one of the corkers Ellie came out with last week!!
 Late last week there was a half a Terry's chocolate left on the kitchen bench and when I was in the loo Ellie had came downstairs (she was supposed to be getting dressed for school) took it up to her room and ate most of it....Becky had walked in on her eating and came downstairs and told me....When Ellie came downstairs I asked her where it was and she said the fairies took it!!

The fairies get blamed for a lot of things in this house....Stu and I as parents are to blame....The dummy fairies came and took her dummies, the bed fairies took her cot away, santa has fairies which watch her to make sure she's been good & the tooth fairy comes and takes her teeth away......

So she said the fairies took it.....I said to her 'well you must be a fairy because I think you took it'....As quick as a flash she replied I'm not a fairy, I'm a princess!!

I had no answer....lol


  1. Oh they know how to use everything to their best advantage ;)

  2. I guess that the fairies nicking stuff is your fault then! :D

  3. lol oh dear, the fairies nicking stuff. lol x

  4. Ah, that made me smile - the fairies did it, honest mum, it wasn't me...! Brilliant :)

  5. Good come back! Don't think I would have known what to say either!