Friday 14 June 2013

Concert Rants!!

Last night I was at the Bon Jovi concert with a group of friends at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland....We had an amazing time but so many things annoyed me!!!

 We were stood at the side off the standing area so there was a steady stream of people coming and going past and that was fine.....

I've always been taught to say excuse me when trying to get past someone or at least "can I get past"....It's just manners!

What annoyed me was the guy who I'd seen arguing with his wife/girlfriend and he left her stood and  came barging past me and elbowed me right in the side....Grrr!! Or the guy who did actually say excuse me and then stopped right in front of me and enjoyed the show blocking my view....Every time he sung he lent back straight into me elbow...hehehe He lasted about 5 minutes until he moved!!

If you have paid to see a concert you watch it don't you? There was this one girl & her friend must of passed by us about 20 times in about 3 hours Bon Jovi was on!! Then was constantly chatting away not even facing the right direction!! Why?!! What's the point you could of stayed outside and not payed maybe over £70 for a good chat....

Another thing which got to me was we were paying £2.00 for a pint of lager and blackcurrent juice at our local pub before we got the bus.....The pub opposite the arena was charging £4.20 a pint then 60 pence for a dash of blackcurrent juice!! £4.80 in total!! I felt slightly ripped off!! I expected to pay more in the stadium but no it was only £4.50 in Crazy!!

Ohh there were some Hitler like security guards too.....We went to the toilet and came back the wrong way and ended up at the side of the stage at the front...Woo Hoo!! We were stood there a good 15 minutes doing no harm talking to the security people and they were fine until this one came along and said 'move now' and pushed us away! Wasn't very nice of him at all....

Put some clothes on girls!! Why wear just short denim shorts and a vest top and then complain you're cold!!

I won't even get started on the porta-loos! lol 

Believe it or not I did have an amazing time....

I have linked up with MummyBarrow and her Ranty Friday.

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