Tuesday 4 June 2013

My girls make me laugh! #Funee

My girls are always making me laugh...So I thought I would link up with Actually Mummy & her Wot So Funee? Blog hop and share some of the corkers they've come out over the last few days!....

On Sunday my girls were playing outside and they came up with a new game called 'That might hurt' basically they are on their scooters and go whizzing towards each other and jump out of the way!! Basically playing chicken....I told them not to do it as they might end up getting hurt....Ellie says that's how you win! You get hurt and you win!! This game was stopped!!

I have slowly been replacing my make-up after Ellie covered her bedroom and herself with it a few weeks ago....Ellie has finally realised what she did was naughty and said to me a few days ago when I got a package through the post that when she gets older she won't wear any make up because she looks beautiful without it...Becky piped in and said yeah only ugly people need make up to make themselves look pretty....Thanks girls I said does that mean I'm ugly.....Ellie said no I'm as pretty as a princess....She dug herself out of that one...lol

Ellie is going on a school trip on Wednesday to The Centre for Life in Newcastle where they have a exhibition about dinosaurs and lots of moving life like one's....She's bringing one home!! Because they are allowed to take some money to buy something from the gift shop she's convinced she can buy a real dinosaur....Try telling a 5 year old she can't...lol

Becky has decided she really likes washing the dishes....So I have been letting her do them now and again....On Sunday while she was washing the breakfast dishes she said when she gets her own house all week she's going to leave the dishes so they pile up and do them all on a Sunday so she can have a fun time and wash the dishes for long time....Crazy child!

I'll leave you with Ellie's fave joke....I'm hearing it about 5 times a day at the moment....

Where Do Cows Go On Saturday Nights? To The Moo-vies. 


  1. Becky is more than welcome round my house anytime - dishes are always being stacked up!!!!!! Really enjoyed this post x

    1. I'm keeping her...lol She's a star at washing dishes now....hehehe
      Thanks :)

  2. At least your child's jokes are funny - ours are still unfathomable! Hope your dinosaur is tiny :)

  3. Oh my gosh, Ellie definitely needs some help with that make up! I hope you are making room for the pet dinosaur! ;). Your girls sound lovely :) xx

  4. I tell you what, I've seen worse make up on my 13 year old :p

    Excellent joke! My 4 year old really likes it :D

  5. What a great joke!

    I also love the photo of your daughter covered in make up, not so great for you but she does look cute!

    Hopping over from Wot So Funee

  6. my kids love the moo-vies joke too. They also say what is a cows fave meal? Moo-saka!

    Love that photo with all the make-up- hee hee! x

  7. Great post, love the joke - I'd like to leave all my washing up too but for different reasons!

  8. Hopefully she will find a mini dinosaur to bring home and not try your makeup again! Hehe x

  9. I'd like to take a dinosaur home too, sounds like a good plan :)

  10. Hi from Gateshead! Love this post especially the black smudge n her chin v avant garde!