Tuesday 25 June 2013

My girls make me laugh! #Funee

We were sat watching The Voice on Saturday and the girls were coming out with some corkers so I thought I would link up with Actually Mummy & her Wot So Funee? Blog hop and share.....

We were on about Tom Jones and explaining to the kids that he's been singing for years.....I said to Ellie that when I was 5 I can remember my mam listening to his music....Ellie said 'when was that...In the olden days' Thanks love! Way to make me feel old...

When Mike what ever his name is was singing at one point he had an awful shirt on....Becky said when I have a husband he will never wear anything like that or I'll divorce him then chop the shirt up...I feel sorry for whoever marries her....lol

Jessie J looks like an egg and Will I am just talks rubbish according to Ellie but is a good dancer!....

Becky said she could sing better then that Leah girl.....Her who just wails and sounds like a strangled cat....Her words not mine.....I quite liked her! lol

The verdict on the girl who won it Andrea was that her songs make both Becky and Ellie feel sad and Becky said she needs to dance more.....Ellie said she can't dance because she's blind....I explained blind people can still dance!! I told Ellie to shut her eyes and dance....So that was a cue for them both get up and dance for 10 minutes with their eyes closed..... 


  1. Oh I hate it when they say in the olden days! Feels like 10 minutes ago to me!

  2. Out of the mouths of babes :)

  3. Honesty is usually the best policy. Exclusions apply ;) x

  4. Oh brilliant - I love how honest they are (and often spot on!). Excellent judging skills :)

  5. I reckon they should be the judges next year!