Monday 10 June 2013

Has to be Bon Jovi! #MondayMusic

I'm linking up with Family Four Fun & their Manic Monday Music!

As I'm off to see Bon Jovi on Thursday there is quite a few songs I could pick of theirs! It's took me ages to decide on just one....

I've chosen....Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars....

One of their hidden treasures and lesser known songs....I love it....It's so catchy!


  1. Have fun! :)
    I will see them in Cologne on the 22nd... ;)

    1. I
      It's supposed to be an amazing show....A few of my friends have already seen them on this tour!!

  2. Oh you lucky, lucky thing - have a great night!!
    Thanks for linking and sorry I'm so late commenting this week!! xx