Saturday 1 June 2013

My plans for June!

Can you believe it's June the 1st already.....Scary to think nearly half the year has gone!!

I hope the weather picks up a bit and we have a bit of sunshine...Today it's raining again!!

I have quite a few appointments and I'm seeing Bon Jovi twice this month...Well sort of....The real group & then a tribute act!!

Firstly we're back to the doctors to see about Ellie and her magic tablets which have made her stop weeing herself...Read about it HERE!.....This appointment will be as soon as possible as it turns out we're nearly out of tablets for her as when she first started taking them she was spitting them out so a lot went to waste....I can't see the doctor taking her off them just yet but will be nice to find out what the long term plan is....

Also I must start shopping for the girls birthdays...Stu's and Ellie's in August and Becky's in September because I know as soon as July comes around all the spare money we have will be spent of days out during the summer holidays then school uniforms....

We have plants to grow thanks to Britmums & Money Saving Expert who set us on the #KidsGrowWild Challenge!! You'll be reading more about it from me later this week!!

We also have a hearing test to go to with Ellie....An extra one they've slotted in....Wasn't supposed to be going back till next year....Ohh well it's a day out to Newcastle I suppose!

Then the most important thing to happen in June happens on the 13th of June I am going to see the brilliant, amazing BON JOVI doing there thing on their world tour!! I'm going with a few of my friends and no doubt lots of alcohol will be Yes I will be probably mention it a lot over the next couple of weeks....hehehe

Later in the month we're at the Orthodontist with Becky.....She had a routine appointment a few months ago and they discovered she had a missing tooth....The lateral incisor isn't there and never has been and now her two front teeth are starting to go crooked and move over so they're thinking about putting braces on her teeth which she is so excited about...The strange girl!

Then at the end of the month my friends and I are off to see the best Bon Jovi tribute act ever Bad Name!! We first saw them last year and they were amazing....My friend and I ended up on stage with them....Ohhh dear!! Alcohol was to They look nothing like Bon Jovi but sound fab and are a lovely bunch of lads....

So what are you doing in June?
Do you have any big plans? 


  1. I cant believe its going so quickly! xx

  2. We have plants to grow too :D
    I also have a loooong weekend at work at the end of the month for stock count so we don't talk about June in this house ;)

    1. Enjoy the planting :)
      Ohh hope the looooong weekend whizzes over for you x

  3. So many things lined up! I bet the concert will be amazing, enjoy! I had braces they were awful rubbing on my mouth and tightening them was so painful, might want to gently remind her it's not fantastic lol not scare her though of course! Hope the tablets continue work and the hearing test goes well :) x

    1. Thank you!
      I've tried telling her braces are not that great without worrying her of course....I'm sure she'll be fine but she's thinking of them more as a fashion accessory not something that may cause her any pain....