Saturday 8 June 2013

Online Shopping has arrived at Iceland!!

Did you know? If you did why didn't you tell

My friend told me yesterday and I have already placed my first order to come later this afternoon!!

As far as I know it's not available everywhere yet.....The trial is currently taking place at a small number of selected Iceland stores in the North West, North East, London and the South West!!

There is a minimum order of £25 like most online supermarkets but what I like a lot about it is there is free delivery!! That's at least £4 saved!!

When I heard about it I had already placed an order with Tesco to be delivered today....Luckily I could amend it!!

Originally my Tesco shop came to £145....

I went on the Iceland website and ordered £41 of stuff a lot replacing what I was getting from Tesco....Like the bread £1.45 in Tesco £1 in Iceland! The chicken, frozen veg & Pizza's were all cheaper in Iceland then Tesco...

I managed to delete a lot of things from the Tesco order and got it down to £92 for things I couldn't get from Iceland....So already I'd saved money plus I got a lot of extra things from Iceland for my money which I wasn't planning on getting like the Jaffa cake Ice Creams!! hehehe!!

I think they will take so much business from the likes of Tesco & Asda!! I think with the free delivery it's worth just doing a shop there for the bread products and frozen food!!


It came without any problems!! Yay! They text me and let me know it was coming and that there was one product unavailable no substitution offered though...I don't think they do them but it was delivered in the time slot! I'm impressed!

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  1. I am looking forward to this coming to my area soon. Unfortunately I believe we will be one of the last areas because our store is so small

    Laura x x x