Wednesday 29 January 2014

A letter for Matilda Mae....

Dear Matilda Mae... 

It is nearly a year ago since you were went to sleep and just didn't wake up....Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) was the cause...You were only 9 months old!!

This time last year I was still quite new to blogging and to twitter....I knew something was wrong that night when I went online....There was a sadness....Everyone was saying the couldn't believe you were gone....I couldn't believe you were gone....I was crying for a baby which I didn't know....A family which I didn't know but reading your mummy's blog it felt like I did know you.....

I saw the whole blogging community come together in such an amazing way and supported your beautiful mummy and your family.....She was and still is so brave....Keeping everyone updated through those first awful weeks without you.....Doing what she does so beautifully....Writing!! 

I feel a touch of sadness every time I see a tweet or blog post from your mummy....She has been so brave and strong this past year....She probably doesn't feel strong but she is.....She is an inspiration to so many people....Working hard to raise awareness for of SIDS alongside The Lullaby Trust and making sure everybody knows who you are....You should be so proud of her....As she is of you!

I think everyday since that horrible night I have seen someone mention you or say your name online....You have touched so many peoples lives...

A year has passed for your family without you and I wish I could take some of your family's sadness away but we will remember you and continue to say your name...

May your star shine bright Matilda Mae!! 

Thoughts from my family to yours x


  1. Aww, all these lovely letters are making my eyes leak and very proud to be part of such a strong community who are helping to support such a wonderful family! #MatildaMae

    1. I read a few of them last night on the linky & had to stop because of the tears. #MatildaMae

  2. Oh Kim this is so beautiful. It is so heart warming when the blogging community gathers around to support someone. Brought tears to my eyes.

  3. This is such a touching tribute, Kim. I'm touched that so many bloggers have come together to remember Matilda Mae, the angel.

  4. Lovely letter. I wish I had the words xxx