Tuesday 7 January 2014

One Meal For All...

Do you ever find yourself cooking one or two meals for the children and a different meal for yourself and your partner?

A new survey suggest that those children who eat the same meals as their parents are the healthiest.....In fact eating adult meals is the most important factor in determining whether a child's diet will be healthy...

Children offered different menus are likely to get less nutritious foods - they may, for example,skip vegetables and be offered less healthy meals.

Dr Colin Michie, chair of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health's nutrition committee, said: 'If children were eating what their parents eat - and, like the French, eating round the table - then we wouldn't have the iron deficiency problem we have,'

Read more about it HERE!

Do you and your children eat the same meals? Or do you often cook different meals for the children? 

I'd say at least six nights a week the girls, Stu & I eat the same....We always have....They will eat just about anything so that does help....

I will not give them a choice of eating what they want to because they would try and eat pizza, pot noodles or sandwiches every night! 

The only time they don't eat the same as us is when we go out for a meal and as it's usually as a special treat they're allowed chicken nuggets & chips or burgers but do usually go for the healthier options.....

I'm not doing multiple meals for everyone...The cost is too high and then there's double the washing up so stuff that...lol


  1. We eat the same thing - I'm not getting into that nightmare situation!

  2. We do a bit of both! But she is becoming a fussy little monkey that's for sure... *sobs* x

  3. As I've gotten older I was more keen to eat veg and try new foods but I know my brothers are still fussy and my mum has to cook separately for them or keep things pretty plain - I'd say it gets tiring quickly!

  4. Most of the time we eat the same or very simialr meals. Sometimes if me and my husband are having something that wouldn't be necessarily suited to the babies, say steak or something like that, then I'll cook something different for them. (Probably chicken nuggets and chips or something easy!) I have been on a bit of a de tox thing for a few days eating LOADs of veg, so i have been having different meals to everyone, as they are sick of so much veg whereas I love it xxx