Thursday 9 January 2014

Stop, look, listen and think...

Insurers have revealed statistics indicating that around 1,000 children are injured every month on the roads around our schools. The report found that 37% of UK schools experienced at least one child being injured in the road nearby every year since 2006....

That is quite scary....but I can quite believe it...Around my girls school the traffic is terrible....Mainly because of people parking in stupid places like on corners or right in front of the school gates....Some people I'm sure got their licenses of the back of a cereal packets....They don't indicate and are usually going fat too fast!!

There is also another school a few hundred yards down the road and the drivers are no better there.....There has been traffic wardens and community police officers parked outside of the school which are as much use as a chocolate fireguards....They take notes and that's about it!!

There is some simple things around schools which you could do to make things safer....

Avoid taking your car if the school is within walking distance. More cars mean more congestion, and this means more risk of an accident.

Talk to your child about crossing the road. 

Plan your journey to avoid main roads where possible and encourage them to tell you when it’s safe to cross.

If you do take your car, park away from the school and walk the rest of the way.

Keep your children with you. Don’t let them run off to see friends until they are safely inside the school gates.

When driving near the school, stick to 20mph maximum and be very aware of children getting out of cars or trying to cross the road.

Always set a good example by using pedestrian crossings and other road safety features when walking to school.


  1. All so true, we walk to school most days - only snow or torrential rain (or -20C!) stop us. I hate seeing so many cars around schools, although it was worse where we lived in the UK than it is where we are now. #PoCoLo

  2. Our school is a nightmare for cars driving like mad past it. The road where we all park is a 60 zone, I think it should be made to a 30! It always worries me when we walk down to the school from where we park #PoCoLo

  3. Not really at the stage of school walks but I walk 3 miles to nursery and work each day and have to negotiate a lot with reckless bus/car drivers

  4. Road safety is one of the subjects I take most seriously in life, and something I worry about daily and wish more people would take it more seriously. We walk to school every day and hold our kids hands while crossing the road and talk to them about it.The amount of carelessness I see around me while taking them to and from school really gets to me.

  5. All very good advice! Road safety is so important or little ones from such a young age x #PoCoLo

  6. I have just written a very similar post for the Babyworld site - I totally agree with all your advice. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x