Friday 3 January 2014

AQUILA Children's Magazine - Review!!

We were sent some fantastic magazines recently.....Three copies of the AQUILA Children's Magazine.... 

AQUILA is a monthly educational magazine that will keep children entertained with intelligent, advert-free reading. They are aimed at children aged between 8 and 12 years old....Perfect for Becky!!

My first impression and thought about it was it was rather thin....Only 24 pages per issue...but flicking through it quickly reveals how full this magazine is with information... It's rammed from cover to cover....There is hardly any blank space to be seen....Of course no adverts means it's all pure content....On every page there is something interesting to read, do or make....

It's brightly coloured with a gloss finish and does not seem cheaply made at all...

There are articles, puzzles, games, general knowledge, science facts, art ideas and things to make, short stories, competitions, sport, history, philosophy and language and lots more to read too...

The issues we had fun reading were:

The Planets - Have a close encounter this November and join us on a tour of the planets. We’ll question the existence of alien life forms, make our very own board game set in outer space, complete a solar system walk and still make it back in time for all the usual puzzles, jokes and giveaways. It’ll be a BLAST.

Masks and Costumes - Aquila and the gang love dressing up, and this month’s issue celebrates masks and costumes from all over the world. We make our own decorated masks, find out why Father Christmas changes his outfit depending on where he is and discover the magic of traditional Native American costume. Plus, find out why pipes sometimes burst in winter with our ice-cool science expert, Harvey.

Giants - Wave a massive hello to 2014 with our Giants issue. Explore the natural wonders of the Giant’s Causeway, learn all about how we grow, make yourself a hilarious pair of giant hands and join our resident philosophers Philip and Phoebe as they think about how much of what we see is created by the brain.

 Becky loved them! There really was so much to read and do....They were educational and fun at the same time....She really didn't realise she was learning. 

Ellie loved the planets magazine too....Last term at school she was learning about planets....There are enough pictures to keep a younger child interested but there is still plenty of information in the text...

The next issues sound very interesting....

Coming up next:

• Scandinavia
• Emergency aid
• Reptiles
• Painting
• Up in the air
• Pets/Wetlands (double issue)

AQUILA is by subscription only so you will not find it at the shops.....

In the UK a four month subscription is currently £20 or £45 for an annual subscription which works out £3.75 an issue which isn't much more than what you pay for the magazines in the shops....I would say it is well worth the money.... Especially since they can be re-read and may come in useful for school projects in the future....

Overall I love these magazines.....The lack of advertising is great and the content is brilliant!! This is a magazine for bright, inquisitive children, who want to learn the hows, whys, whens, whats and who's of everything.

I was sent three Aquila Magazines free of charge for the purpose of this review....This is my honest review....All thoughts and opinions are my own!! 


  1. It looks like a good informative magazine with lots of activities to do.

  2. They look very informative :) Glad the kids had fun! :D

  3. These look very interesting - Peanut is too young for this but I look forward to reading stuff like this with him in the future!