Friday 17 January 2014

Eating in the 50's...

The 50's does not seem that long ago....Well it doesn't to me....Someone who was born in the 70's.....But oh how things have changed!!

Pasta had not been invented.
Olive oil was kept in the medicine cabinet. 
A takeaway was a mathematical problem.
The only vegetables known to us were spuds, peas, carrots and cabbage,
All crisps were plain; the only choice we had was whether to put the salt on or not.
Coke was something that we put on the fire.
A Big Mac was what we wore when it was raining.
Brown bread was something only poor people ate.
Oil was for lubricating, fat was for cooking
Bread and jam was a treat. 
Cubed sugar was regarded as posh.
Figs and dates appeared every Christmas, but no one ever ate them.
Coconuts only appeared when the fair came to town.
Salad cream was a dressing for salads, mayonnaise did not exist
Hors d'oeuvre was a spelling mistake.
The starter was our main meal. Soup was a main meal.
Only Heinz made beans.
Leftovers went in the dog. Special food for dogs and cats was unheard of.
Fish was only eaten on Fridays and didn't have fingers in those days.
Eating raw fish was called poverty, not sushi.
Ready meals only came from the fish and chip shop.
For the best taste fish and chips had to be eaten out of old newspapers.
Frozen food was called ice cream.
Ice cream only came in one colour and one flavour.
None of us had ever heard of yoghurt.
Jelly and blancmange was only eaten at parties.
If we said that we were on a diet, we simply got less.
Brunch was not a meal.
If we had eaten bacon lettuce and tomato in the same sandwich we would have been certified
Pancakes were only eaten on Pancake Tuesday
Cornflakes had arrived from America but it was obvious they would never catch on.
The phrase "boil in the bag" would have been beyond comprehension.
The idea of "oven chips" would not have made any sense at all to us.
The world had not heard of Pot Noodles, Instant Mash and Pop Tarts.
Sugar enjoyed a good press in those days, and was regarded as being white gold.
Surprisingly muesli was readily available in those days, it was called cattle feed.
Turkeys were definitely seasonal.
Pineapples came in chunks in a tin; we had only ever seen a picture of a real one.
We had never heard of Croissants we certainly couldn't pronounce it.
Garlic was used to ward off vampires, but never used to flavour food.
Water came out of the tap, if someone had suggested bottling it and charging more than petrol for it they would have become a laughing stock.
Food hygiene was all about washing your hands before meals.
The one thing that we never ever had on our table in the fifties …. elbows.


  1. Funny how times change isn't it! Just goes to show how easy we have it now ,Not that I'm complaining though ;) xx

  2. Love this. I remember my parents putting olive oil in my ear

  3. I love this post, it's amazing how many products exist now that didn't before, and how much we take for granted. Looking at this, it's also no surprise that as a nation we are struggling with weight...we just have so many options now, and it's so easy to give in.


    1. Thank you! We do take so much for granted don't we!

  4. So true, even of the early 70's. I can remember in about 1974 Dad being sent a tea chest from a customer in Israel and seeing avacados for the first time!

  5. So true in the early to mid 80s in Poland ... ;-) This made me laugh out loud and nod in recognition! Life used to be much simpler...

  6. Such an interesting read! Things change so much, don't they? Take the organic trend, for instance. Who would have thought of that?