Tuesday 21 October 2014

First steps in Biology - Shrimps - Review!!

We have been trying out another fantastic kit from the lovely people at Science 4 You

 This time it was the First steps in Biology - Shrimps set...

This kit contains everything you need to grow your own shrimps......

- Aquarium (with a lid)
- Plastic cup
- Decorative sand
- Tinfoil bag with shrimp\'s eggs
- Pipette
- Food (powdered milk and fruit juice)

- A  28 page booklet which explains what shrimps are...why are their eggs so resistant...All about the shrimps life cycle and how to grow your own shrimps.....

 This was so simple to set up....The instruction booklet is easy to understand....So much so that Becky set this up herself and talked me through it.....

You add the sand fill it with water, add a little air to the water using the pipette and then add the packet of eggs....That is it!!

After 3 days you mix the food provided which is just powdered milk and fruit juice with some water to feed the shrimps....

You then add 5ml of food to the tank until day 8 where it changes to 10ml.....

After about 6 days we noticed our little shrimps had hatched....There was much excitement about this.... Obviously we had to look closely to see them but they were definitely there....

We have continued feeding them and every day we can see more and more of them and they are definitely growing....

Ellie's take on this kit was "this kit is just like growing something...like plants but growing plants is boring these are REAL live creatures....She thinks she has got one up on me too...I have always said we are not getting any pets but to her these are pets! lol I'm actually quite surprised she hasn't tried to name them all yet....

 This is a great kit.....You are not going to see things happening straight away it's all about being patient which is a good thing for children to learn as well as all the scientific aspects of this activity....

It is such a weird concept that you add water to the dried eggs and they come alive but it works and I found it fascinating....

I'm very interested to see how big they grow and how long they last.....

This kit costs £12.99 which I think is great price for something like this....If I wasn't sent this to review it would have been very tempted to buy Becky this for Christmas!

You can buy this kit via the Science 4 You website or their Amazon Shop.....

I was sent this Science Kit free of charge to try....This is my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own... 


  1. I have always looked at these kits and wondered about them. They do look good though

  2. How cool, I think Monkey would like this :) x

  3. Fab review - are they actually alive or is it a trick? I never know! lol #triedtested

    1. They are alive!!....Real living creatures...It's pretty amazing! lol x

  4. Now that looks a lot of fun and educational, too x

  5. I absolutely love science kits! They are so much fun and so educational! #TriedTested

  6. This looks great, are they actually real eggs and real live fish or some kind of trick ? Xx #TriedTested

    1. They are certainly real....I would take photos of them but I can't pick them up on my camera! :D

  7. what a greta science gift for Christmas

  8. This looks like exactly the kind of thing that my five year old would enjoy - I'll suggest it as an option for Santa ;)

    1. It is perfect for little one's.....Not much touching but there is a lot of patience needed x