Wednesday 22 October 2014

What's On My Phone Tag!

I saw this tag over on The Brunette Says...
I love my phone and can't believe I managed so long without a smart phone....

Type of Phone:  
Samsung Galaxy S5

  Last call made: 
Was to Stu....He was upstairs....I was checking he was recording something....It's a good job we get free phone calls to each other.

 Last call received:
My dad....He was asking what his home phone number was....In his defense he has just moved house and got a new phone number but he is a plonker at times he never added it to his mobile

Last text message sent:

Last text message received:

It was from Becky's school....(I blanked out the school name) An error had been made with the homework....No wonder Becky didn't have a

 Last notification: 

I'm not actually sure....Most probably a Facebook notification for Candy Crush, Pet Rescue Saga or Papa Pear Saga....My favourite games....hehehe

Most used app:

Apart from the Social media one's it's probably the Tesco Grocery or Sky App.....

The kids always move the remote so I use the Sky App to change the TV over.....I also change it over to control the Sky box upstairs and I can keep an eye on what they're watching and switch it off if they mess about....hehehe

 The Tesco App is very useful....Very handy to be able to add things to the list for the weekly shop when I'm not on the computer....

Last app used:
Candy Crush Saga....I love that game!

Last app downloaded:
The last app I downloaded was probably Timehop....

 Home Screen:

I just use one of the Samsung one's....Nothing fancy and yes I've just noticed my weather hasn't updated for nearly a month....I never even noticed....Where I live it seems like it's grey and cloudy most of the

I am tagging you all to join in with this!!
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  1. Ah, what a fun little game. Appeals to my very nosy nature. :-) Might just have to join in. I played Candy Crush Saga throughout my pregnancy and even in the hospital after Pumpkin was born. My old iPad (it's one of the original ones) finally passed on, however, and all my progress was lost. At least it broke the habit. :-)

    1. hehehe! I'm nosy too! Oh no! I would of x

  2. Love this tag. I resisted getting a smartphone for ages - finally got one just over a year ago and am now addicted, lol! :-)

    1. I only got one in February and I am addicted too.....I can't imagine living without it now x