Tuesday 28 October 2014

Halloween Goodies from Poundland...

We have gone a bit Halloween crazy this year...I think it's because it's during the school holidays and on a weekend too....

Halloween Spider Web Garland Party Decoration 2.4m
Glow In The Dark Hanging Skeleton Decoration 4ft
Halloween Tinsel
Halloween Spider Web (We got it in orange)
Halloween Printed Balloons - 18 Pack
Halloween Paper Lantern x2

I'm not usually a fan of orange but isn't it looking fab.....The kids are even more excited now.....

And for the party we'll be having on Saturday....

Halloween Party Paper Plates 20 Pack
Halloween Party Paper Bowls 20 Pack
Halloween Party Paper Napkins 30 Pack 2 Ply
Wipe Clean Halloween Table Cloth
Halloween Cupcake Stand
Halloween Trick Or Treat Bowl (We got it in Green, we already have the black one) 

I also bought some sweets and Halloween cakes.....My total bill in Poundland was £18!! You can't really not get in the the Halloween mood for that price.....

These decorations are going to be something we can put away in the cupboard along side the Christmas decorations and we can use them again next year.....


  1. What an amazing haul, I love that I have a 'Halloween decorations' box in the loft, it feels ever so organised and it gets fuller every year thanks to the pound shop!

    1. Thank you! It's the first time we've really decorated for halloween....Pound shops make it so easy.

  2. I have a box too! Love poundland stuff this time of year, for Xmas too x

    1. I'm starting with the Christmas stuff next week....hehehe

  3. All the ingredients for a brilliant Halloween party! I agree that it's better this year being on half term and being on a weekend. My four year old is VERY excited!

  4. Looks great. Love Poundland for things like this. Hope you have a fab Halloween party :-)

  5. Poundland is so good for things like this. Such amazing bargains x #TriedTested

  6. I love Poundland for these sorts of things! I went at the weekend and got a couple of those orange lanterns and a light up ghost for the little one. I love the tinsel, wish I'd seen that at the time! x

  7. Amazing haul, Kim. I love Poundland too. :)

  8. Cool Halloween haul! Poundland had some great stuff last year. I wonder what they have now. I loved their Halloween Cupcake Stand.