Friday 13 March 2015

A Better Week...

Friday again!!.....This week has flown over!

I started this week in a pretty negative frame of mind....Ellie had been naughty at school last week and ended up with a detention after school on Friday and I was dreading this week waiting to see how her behavior would be....I also hate this week with it being the run up to Mothers Day....I don't have a mother....Well I do but she left years ago. We don't speak. So all the competitions asking "why your mother is the best, what's the best thing she's done for you & what's your mothers favourite whatever" have again annoyed me but hey ho...Life goes on!

BUT even with all of that my word of the week this week is.....

 Ellie's behavior has been a lot better than I expected it to be.....In fact I will go as far to say she has been a little angel at home and at school! Ellie's teacher said she did more work on Monday then she did in 3 days the previous week and she has continued to work well all week! I am so happy! Maybe she just did want to see happened in detention. lol

The girls are now sleeping in one bedroom and have the other as a playroom and they seem to be settling better on an evening....It is so much easier to keep upstairs tidy too as there is no mess in the bedroom where they sleep and in the playroom it's up to them to tidy up....It is working well!

I had a bit of a tummy bug which saw me spending a lot of time in the bathroom on Wednesday morning.....By the school run time I felt much better which was just as well as I had a PTA meeting to help arrange the Easter Fair....

This morning Ellie started with it too.....Bless her! She was being sick but crying about the fact she was going to miss red nose day at school....I'm happy to say she is much better now and I let her loose with my make up so she could make her own funny face.....Only thing is she thinks she looks fabulous not funny at all....hehehe

I have had a few fantastic blogging opportunities come my way this week....I am very excited about trying out the the Kano computer which I mentioned in a blog post earlier today....It is basically a DIY computer and coding kit for all ages! It sounds amazing and arrived this afternoon....

This week has been a lot better than I expected it to be and now I am actually looking forward to Mothers day....Ellie has been teasing me all week telling me she has made something special at school for me....hehehe and I am having my Mothers day meal a day early....Tomorrow we are getting pizza from Domino's....I've never tried them before so they better be good after I have read so many good things about them....

I hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. So pleased to hear that the week's been much better than you expected and that Ellie's doing well, too. I hope she feels OK now, and enjoy that Dominos - they are delicious! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. Glad everything is on the up & you're feeling better. Enjoy trying out your computer! xx

  3. I'm glad you're all feeling better that your worries were put to rest this week too that's a relief! Hoping she continues to do well :) loving the make up!

  4. Great to hear that things are better this week. I think a lot of it is a frame of mind. Yours was positive so it was more positive :) Hope you have another good week after the weekend x

  5. Love this coding trend! Cant wait to see the post about that. ANd thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting on the distant post. Thanks always =) #wotw

  6. Glad things are looking on the up for you hon,
    I've just read your post "I don't have a Mother", and I can relate to a few things (I am a Dads girl through and through).
    These things come to try us and you are much better than that, enjoy your life with your lovely little family and have a fab Mothers Day, sending hugs :) xx

  7. Glad you've had a better week, and re Mother's Day it's yet one more occasion that has been super-hyped by retailers I'm afraid and they do go OTT and insensitively so at times x

  8. Glad you have had a better week. Can relate to the make up and thinking it looks great! My daughter is the same!


  9. I'm glad you've had a better week and I hope you do enjoy your mother's day with your beautifully xx

  10. Some weeks are sent to try us and then things improve :) Dominoes Pizzas are very nice :D and thank you for the birthday wishes :)

  11. So sorry your week started bad. Kids eh? I'm the same as you with my mum. She's around but I don't speak to her any more and the comps annoy me too. So glad your week has got better though. I hope the pizza didn't disappoint x

  12. So glad your week has been better. Sorry to hear mothers day makes you sad, father day is like that for me. I hope you enjoyed your meal x

  13. Well done to Ellie for being good this week.

    All the sloppy mothers days comps have been getting on my nerves too. I think it's all so over the top for just one day. I hope that you're feeling better now and have had a lovely mothers day xx

  14. Hi Kim, sounds like there was a definite improvement to your week this week. It sounds as if your daughter is at least trying to rectify her behaviour.

    I have never had a Dominoes pizza either and the adverts make it look so nice; I hope it was as good as you expected it to be.

    We don't really acknowledge Mothers day, I'm not sure why as I always did growing up. Last year we had my parents over for a barbecue because I know Mum likes the fuss, but this year they are a way on holiday.

    Mothers Day in Greece and England are on different days and it's not a big thing here, which is probably why my two don't think twice about it. (Bottom lip has started to wobble...Nobody loves me!)

    Congratulations on your blogging opportunities too.