Friday 13 March 2015

Introducing Kano....

Up until earlier this week I had never heard of Kano....Stu and Becky had....I don't know how or where they had read about it but they were aware of what it was. It was all new to me.....

Kano is a DIY computer kit designed to help people of all ages assemble a computer from scratch and learn basic coding skills.

The Kano kit includes everything you need to build a computer apart from a screen....Included is a Raspberry Pi (a teeny tiny computer), a case, wireless keyboard with trackpad, cables, Wi-Fi dongle and a speaker. A simple instruction book shows you how to build the computer by connecting parts together....A bit like Lego! 

Kano Teaches hardware: put an actual computer together, just like Lego, with the help of a fun story book that teaches you about all the different components!

Kano Teaches coding: code the whole interface and then pick out of hundreds of apps available to learn how to code: from coding Minecraft to exploring mysteries kids can solve with code.

Kano Enhances problem solving skills: Homework that feels like play? Absolutely! Children pick up all the essential skills of a modern engineer, while having fun.

Kano Empowers creativity: A central aspect of Kano is its ability to empower kids and their imagination. It allows children to be creative with technology and to envision their own programs and apps.

Kano needs minimal parent supervision: Because of Kano’s dedication to storytelling, there is no need for a tech savvy parent to be around. There are also extensive parent blocks on internet usage which allow for a safe experience.

 I am very excited about giving this a try....I think Becky especially will love it....She is so into using computers and finding about how they work....

Make sure to look out for our review coming soon and more posts about what we have been getting up to with our new toy.....

I was sent a Kano kit in exchange for blogging about it.....All thoughts and opinions are of course my own....


  1. That looks AMAZING! Being a computer geek since my childhood I'd have gone nuts for that. Ethan would, too, he's computer mad

  2. What a cool idea!, Looking forward to reading your review :) x

  3. This looks great. Have fun and I look forward to reading the review :)


  4. Hadn't heard of these either but looks fantastic! :)