Thursday 12 March 2015

The girls playroom....

We have three bedrooms and since before Christmas my girls have been camping out in each others room....Dragging a mattress between the rooms and swapping and changing who sleeps where....I actually think they just like each others company when they are going to sleep.....It does make me wonder why we're paying to rent a three bedroomed house One room was basically being wasted.

On Saturday we had a chat with the girls and we came to the decision that this has to stop....They came up with the idea of the beds in one room and everything else in the other....Fine with me!

So now they have the beds, a bookcase & TV in one room and in the other toys, their drawers full of clothes and all their bits and bobs.....It's a dressing room/playroom.....The only problem is it is all mismatched and just doesn't look right....

So I have been browsing for ideas!

Pink Storage Bag - £8.00 - Wilkinsons  
Pink Butterfly Fabric Kids Sofa - £75.00 - The Kids Window
Pink Plastic 3 Drawer Tower Unit - £12.00 - B&Q 
Flower Toy Box and Desk - £75.99 - Wayfair 

Bean Bag Cube - £26.00 - Tesco 
Pink Fun Bin  - £4.00 - Asda 
Half Door Storage Cubes - £34.99 - Argos 
Pink Love Heart Wigwam - £48.99 - World Stores

Pack of 4 Pink Storage Boxes - £16.95 - The House of Bath 
Keep Calm Rug - £20.15 - Wayfair 
Union Jack Heart Canvas - £2.99 - Poundstretcher
Dolls House Bookcase - £25.99 - Homebase  

Yes I know the majority of it is pink.....My girls love pink!  


  1. These are lovely,Kim. I love the Wigwam and the Union Jack heart canvas. x

  2. This is a great idea! Also absolutely love the little sofa :-) If only I had a girl ;-)

  3. That is a nice idea. And such beautiful ideas.

  4. I love the pink! That little box cabinet with the pink doors is so sweet, we have something similar but it just has boxes on it. We have a third unused bedroom and we've been thinking about turning that into a playroom too - the amount of crap, sorry I mean toys - we have accumulated for one child is staggering!

  5. Some lovely things there, I just love that rug.