Saturday 21 March 2015

Project 365 - Week 12

Week 12 already! Eek! This year is going to quickly.....This last week whizzed over but I managed to take plenty of photos!

73/365. 14th March 2015

My Saturday night treats...
74/365. 15th March 2015

A lovely note from Ellie on Mothers Day...

75/365. 16th March 2015

Becky had her cookery lesson at school.....Apple cake this time....It was very tasty indeed.

76/365. 17th March 2015

Some fantastic goodies I won from the lovely Natalie who blogs at JBIL....The manicure & pedicure set is fantastic and my fella has been using the face 

77/365. 18th March 2015

Becky & her sore chin.....She tripped on the way home from school....She's fine now but has a massive bruise...

78/365. 19th March 2015

Ellie modelling her new coat that we were sent to review...

79/365. 20th March 2015

My effort at capturing the eclipse....There was a bit too much cloud to see much...


  1. Liking your Saturday night treats - that's my idea of a good weekend night in.

  2. Lovely photo's from the week, your eclipse photo is good. At least you can make it out. Well done x

  3. Thats very good kim very very good was great magical feeling i got as i was outside looking at it also i was amazed i imaged bit of it like aswell :) my video of eclipse

  4. the notes are great aren't they, much better than an expensive present. You saw more of the eclipse than we did, shame really was looking forward to watching it.
    Your lucky you get to taste the school cooking, very few of them bring it home.