Tuesday 31 March 2015

Newcastle Film and Comic Con....

On Saturday we traveled to Newcastle to the Metro Radio Arena for Newcastle Film and Comic Con....

The Film & Comic Con run by a company called Showmasters is a chance for fans of Sci-fi, fantasy films, TV shows and games to mingle, meet their heroes, pay for autographs and browse around an array of stalls selling anything from autographed photos to Highlander-style weapons....

Wow, wow, wow! We had an amazing day.....Even queuing up to get in there was people dressed up in fantastic costumes who were quite happy to pose for photos.....We didn't have to queue for long to get in....Five minutes at the most which I was really surprised about...

It was heaving and so crowded when we got in there just after 11am....A lesson learned for next time we go....There is no need to be there when it opens!!

There were hundreds of stands selling comics, autographs, posters, jewellery, cups, costumes, t-shirts......There was everything you could think of from films, TV & games such as Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Frozen, The Walking Dead, Minions, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, The WWE, Lord of the rings, Breaking Bad, Marvel and even Disney....

Becky and Ellie of course started with the "Can I have's " but we said we will look around first.....I'm glad we did as we saw the Minecraft swords on the first aisle for £20 then later on we saw them for £15....

My words of the day was....Oh my god and that's so cool! lol There were things there I didn't even know existed....I could have easily spent hundreds of pounds.....I think Stu could have spent thousands....lol

Every one selling on the stalls was lovely they were chatty towards the kids and answered any questions we had apart from one woman.....Grr! She was selling jewellery and lots of trinkets....We were having a good look and she had the cheek to say "can you move along, other people want to see" We were only stood there for at the most two minutes.... Other people could see her goods....I thought she was very rude.... I was shocked and just moved along....I should of said something witty back to her....Someone came behind me a few minutes later and said "don't take it personally she said it to me too"....I would love to know how many sales she lost saying that to people....I was actually going to buy a Frozen necklace for £5 from her....Her loss! 

We saw Kit from Knight Rider, Iron Man & Thor, Assassiny people and Stu's day was made having a photo with Darth Vader and a Storm Troopers....I came face to face with a Terminator as I turned a corner and nearly turned and ran....A 6ft guy dressed up as one is rather scary....There were even kids dressed up....So adorable!

 I managed to upset Ellie....She was messing about with a necklace with a ring on it....The one from Lord of the rings....I said quick put it down or the Hobbits will come for you....Her face was a picture and she was looking around for some Hobbits....We saw a group of them about 10 minutes later....She was worried....So wrong to laugh but her face....lol

We didn't end up going to any of the talks.....We just never found the time.....I don't feel like we missed out....There was enough to see without listening to a star talk....hehehe

 I have never wanted to buy swords or knives in my whole life until Saturday....There were replica weapons from the likes of The Walking Dead, Kill Bill, Game of Thrones and the famous sword from Highlander....They were so interesting to see....I felt so sorry for this poor young man....I watched him pay £120 for a copy of Michonne's sword from The Walking Dead....We got a bit further round and saw the exact same one for £60....

The girls got swords from Minecraft.....They have been warned not to hit each other with them as they are quite strong and not soft foam like we thought they were....lol

I bough The WWE's Undertaker Funko thingy....It took me at least 10 minutes to decide between him, Daryl and Rick off The Walking Dead....I think this may be the beginning of me collecting them....

Stu bought dolls....lol Assassin's Creed one's.....They were a bargain...Priced at £24.99 but he got them for £15....He's planning to keep them in it's packaging. Ellie just can't understand it....Things like that are bought to be played with....

A family ticket for this event cost £20 and it was well worth it....We will be going back next year....I think I might start saving for it now....lol We had an amazing day....A great start to the Easter holidays...



  1. I've never thought to go to a comic con but I bet I could have spent hundreds! It sounds amazing

    1. It was...Next year I will be taking more money....hehehe

  2. It looks like you had a great day out. I never even knew things like this were on in Newcastle, my other half would probably have loved this. such great value only £20 for a family ticket I was expecting it to cost a lot more. Have your girls started Easter holidays already ? Mine doesn't break up until Thursday xx

    1. We did, thank you! I know I thought it would have cost a lot more....
      Yes we started our holidays on Monday....Oh no! That's rubbish they don't finish until Thursday but I suppose you'll go back later than us :D x

  3. I always wanted to go to a comic con! Those toys are just amazing. Every details here makes me drool! I love comics and manga and anime! I WANT TO GO!!! #pocolo

  4. Wow, looks like a great place to spend a day with the family! Comic Con is happening where we are too - will make sure to visit it.

  5. Oh yes, you do need plenty of money for Comicon, I already have a list of things I would look for in my head, I'd need to win the lottery before I went. I can't believe how rude that stall holder was though.

  6. Brilliant! That looks like you all had a fantastic day out. I'm so going to one of these next time they're on. I'll have to get saving my pennies though as I imagine like you say buying swords, etc is irresistible! :D Me and the OH already have quite a stash already, no doubt 'baby' will develop a love of all things geek with our influence too.

  7. Cool!! It looks like a fantastic day out - I would so love to go to one of these. I wonder if you saw Bob Holly? He was off to Newcastle after leaving our place. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x